‘Kaspersky Next’, new flagship product line debuts in SL for businesses

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Kaspersky last week introduced its new flagship product line ‘Kaspersky Next’ in Sri Lanka, combining robust endpoint protection with the transparency and speed of EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) alongside the visibility and powerful tools of XDR (Extended Detection and Response). Customers can now choose one of three product tiers tailored to their business requirements, the complexity of their IT infrastructure, and their available resources

Amid the constantly evolving cyberthreat landscape, it is vital for companies to have a comprehensive cybersecurity solution they can trust and rely on for effective protection. According to Enterprise Strategy Group’s XDR and SOC Modernisation Report, businesses are still struggling to find information security tools that can detect and investigate advanced threats on time.  As a leading innovative and technological company, Kaspersky is continuously developing its solutions to address all the cybersecurity requirements of businesses, helping them build up reliable cybersecurity frameworks.

Kaspersky General Manager for Southeast Asia Yeo Siang Tiong said: “We unveil of our cutting-edge XDR solution and the transformation of our corporate product offerings, marking a pivotal moment in our active journey as an enterprise cybersecurity vendor. With the introduction of Kaspersky Next, we’re simplifying the complexities of EDR and XDR for businesses and orsganisations in Sri Lanka of all sizes. Our mission is to deliver top-notch protection driven by unparalleled expertise to every customer—whether they’re novices in cybersecurity or equipped with their own SOC teams. Our ultimate goal is to empower companies to construct dependable and efficient information security systems that meet their unique cybersecurity needs.” 

Kaspersky Next is a new line of cybersecurity products that includes robust endpoint protection powered by AI capabilities, and goes beyond the classic EPP (Endpoint Protection Platform), bringing together EDR and XDR for corporate customers of any size and industry. As the most advanced and effective cybersecurity solutions, EDR and XDR help companies to withstand the more prevalent, evasive, and sophisticated attacks, providing businesses with total visibility, control, rapid response and proactive threat hunting.

Kaspersky Next is deployment-agnostic and allows for both cloud and on-premise installations. Companies can manage it either through a streamlined console to perform core cybersecurity tasks quickly, or via an enterprise-grade console with more granular controls and advanced monitoring. 

The new product line helps companies build crucial cybersecurity functions, to provide robust protection against multiple types of threats that business face the most, such as ransomware, malware and data breaches, and avoid infrastructure penetration through Business Email Compromise, supply chain attacks, exploits and other vulnerabilities.

Kaspersky Next includes multiple automation features such as cloud monitoring and blocking, vulnerability and patch management, IoC  scan and playbooks that help businesses not only to support the effective detection and remediation of complex and new threats, but also to significantly reduce the burden on cybersecurity teams by minimising the number of routine cybersecurity tasks.

Kaspersky Next EDR Foundations provides powerful endpoint protection that identifies and neutralises threats before they can harm business processes. Flexible, straightforward security controls and built-in IT scenarios enable hands-off operation and let companies customize their security policies to suit their unique needs.

This solution is recommended for companies where information security is performed by IT departments.

Kaspersky Next EDR Optimum provides strong endpoint protection with essential EDR functionality, advanced controls, patch management and cloud security. Threat visibility, investigation and response are guided to help businesses deflect attacks rapidly and with minimal resources.

This solution is recommended for companies with small information security teams.

Kaspersky Next XDR Expert aggregates, analyses and correlates data from various sources across an organisation’s IT infrastructure, providing real-time visibility and deep insights into evolving cyber risks to deliver advanced threat detection and automated response. It’s the robust cybersecurity solution that can also integrate with third-party vendors. 

This solution is recommended for companies with experienced cybersecurity teams or Security Operations Centres (SOC).

Kaspersky Next is a part of the company’s B2B product ecosystem and it is designed to be directly compatible with other Kaspersky solutions and 


With the growing demand for more comprehensive cybersecurity protection, companies can also easily migrate from one tier to another depending on their current cybersecurity requirements.