Just In Time Resourcing and Consultancy Services drawing up local talent to help businesses grow

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Just In Time Resourcing and Consultancy Services CEO Sherene Goonetilleke


Sri Lanka, with a highly skilled workforce and a cost-competitive business environment, has emerged as a hidden gem for IT resource outsourcing with an integrated ecosystem to provide IT services to the world’s best enterprises. 

Sri Lanka has many fast-growing tech companies, despite or possibly due to the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic we are going through. The ability to scale up rapidly with high-quality people is the most important factor – since a software product, or an e-commerce environment needs the right people, in the right place to innovate and keep developing. 

Dominated by a long-running success of India’s IT industry, Sri Lanka has positively emerged as a definite epicentre for delivering business process outsourcing, and other IT services – because Sri Lanka has become a place to find great talent, at affordable rates, with the skills that are in demand globally. 

Just In Time Resourcing and Consultancy Services Ltd., a group company of Just In Time Group (JIT), has been synonymous with providing consistent, reliable and cost effective IT resource outsourcing services for the local and global markets. Within the last three years, Just In Time Resourcing and Consultancy Services (JIT Resourcing and Consultancy) has seen exponential growth, with the fast-rising potential for skilled IT resource outsourcing. 

With the start of the pandemic, the entire platform for outsourcing changed and JIT Resourcing and Consultancy stayed ahead from the start of this change, to ensure all their customers have business continuity during these uncertain times. During these times their customers have grown from strength to strength, where JIT Resourcing and Consultancy takes pride in playing a critical role in helping their businesses stay resilient.

JIT Resourcing and Consultancy’s function is to accelerate digital transformation for their customers as a B2B service provider with skilled and dedicated teams. A team of highly skilled developers in their talent pool is growing every day. The company specifically addresses the businesses pain points of finding good quality resources hassle free, best resources out of a shortlist, addressing varied project timelines, reducing operational cost, mitigating risk of hiring during uncertain times, etc., to their specific needs to ensure peace of mind.

Helping Businesses grow, through their B2B service of IT resources for clients to help fill a critical void is JIT Resourcing and Consultancy’s key mission. This is done by helping clients to find the ideal resources to address their project requirements, by providing resources with a quick turnaround time to both local and international clients, be it short term or long term. 

With the advantage of a wide pool of resources to cater to any client whereas the resource would be based in Sri Lanka or at a client site anywhere in the world. They take care of all relocation requirements of a resource on behalf of the client if a resource is to be placed overseas. JIT Resourcing and Consultancy’s customers vary across industries of ICT, FMCG, apparel, logics, banking and finance and telecommunications – where they also specialised in undertaking end to end project completion and managing the complete ecosystem. The staff are specialised in the technology stacks of Java, .Net, Angular, NodeJS, React JS, Machine Learning, AI, Cloud migration to name a few.

Some of the end-to-end services being provided by JIT Resourcing and Consultancy are helping businesses to; eliminate problems associated with recruitment, training and retention of employees, source the best candidates for you through an extensive screening process, release the clients of the hassle of processing insurance, medical, salaries, leave and visa, etc., ensure that the employee is replaced within the shortest time period to guarantee zero negative impact on the client’s project, take responsibility in continuously conducting reviews on the selected individuals to ensure the client is benefitted with high performing employees and ensure highest confidentiality on projects where all employees sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to being placed at a client site which is strictly implemented.

JIT Resourcing and Consultancy is currently running multiple successful projects with their resources in New Zealand, UK, Malaysia, Australia, USA to name a few. 

“Our goal, is to establish Sri Lanka as having highly skilled talent, so by seeking out talent, finding and cultivating the niche to break the stigma of ‘low cost means low quality,” Just In Time Resourcing and Consultancy Services’ CEO Sherene Goonetilleke said.

“Our vision is to become the preferred partner in IT resource outsourcing by providing quality, skilled resources, hassle-free to meet the exact requirements of our clients and at the same time give exposure to our resources to gain world-class experience to be on par with any such resource globally.” 

JIT Resourcing and Consultancy is driving forward to become a strategic and value-adding partner to leading companies both locally and globally. To achieve this, they are focused on a culture of delivering excellence and harnessing lasting partnerships. 

JIT Resourcing and Consultancy is a group company of JIT which has over 25 years of experience in the ICT industry of Sri Lanka.