ICTA, USAID hold Regional Tech Summit 2023 Northern Chapter

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The Regional Tech Summit 2023, a groundbreaking series of events aimed at enhancing the ICT sector across Sri Lanka, kicked off its journey with the successful Northern Chapter held in Jaffna this June. 

Organised by the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) in collaboration with the USAID “Catalyze” Private Sector Development (PSD) Activity and the Northern Chamber of Information Technology (NCIT), the event provided a platform to share knowledge, initiate policy discussions, and empower regional skilled professionals to bridge employment gaps within the ICT industry.

The Northern Chapter of the Regional Tech Summit 2023 featured a diverse range of activities tailored to enrich the ICT ecosystem in the northern region. Participants were able to explore new opportunities, foster collaborations, and drive growth and innovation in the Jaffna IT-BPM industry. Over the course of two exciting days, there were training and knowledge sessions for IT MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises), networking opportunities with industry experts, meetings with local and multinational IT companies, and connections with bilateral and multilateral local/international associations.

The Regional Tech Summit 2023 – Northern Chapter, was a beacon of inspiration, offering a diverse range of resources that ignited passion and propelled participants towards greatness. Industry experts delivered transformative IT MSME Training and Knowledge Sharing Sessions, equipping attendees with invaluable insights in areas such as International Market Access, UI/UX, Product Engineering, Contractual Law, Digital Media Management, IT Pricing, Procurement, and US-AID Support to IT Companies in Jaffna. These sessions were catalysts for innovation, empowering individuals to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The event created an electric atmosphere of collaboration and connection. Networking sessions provided a platform for participants to forge meaningful relationships with investors and industry leaders, opening doors to a future where partnerships and collaborations shape the destiny of their businesses. Meeting sessions brought together local and multinational IT companies, as well as expatriate groups, fostering an environment where potential collaborations bloomed, and new partnerships took flight. These connections were the building blocks of a vibrant and expanding network that fuelled further growth and development.

The event not only fostered meaningful connections among individuals but also connected them to a broader world of opportunities. Participants had the privilege of engaging with bilateral and multilateral local/international associations, broadening their horizons and gaining exposure to a wealth of resources and prospects. These connections transcended boundaries and unlocked new pathways, igniting the flames of creativity and possibility.

Another equally important aspect highlighted during the Regional Tech Summit 2023 was access to finance. Exclusive banking facilities tailored for the ICT sector were showcased, followed by a panel discussion to converse about the industry’s constraints and possibilities, shedding light on enhanced avenues to secure financial support. The eminent panel was chaired by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, adding further prominence to the event. The knowledge imparted at the event empowered businesses to leverage these resources, accelerating their growth and fostering a thriving ICT ecosystem.

The event also celebrated the immense potential of individuals through the ICT Job and Certification Fair. This vibrant platform not only offered walking interviews and spot recruitment drives but also provided special discounts on ICT-related certifications. The workforce had the chance to embrace personal and professional growth, acquiring new skills and qualifications that would set them on the path to success.

The Regional Tech Summit 2023 embodied the spirit of inspiration, igniting the passion within participants and propelling them towards greatness. It served as a reminder that the ICT sector holds boundless possibilities for innovation, collaboration, and personal growth. As the event concluded, it left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who attended, reminding them that the future is bright and filled with endless opportunities waiting to be seized.

Following the resounding success of the Northern Chapter, the Regional Tech Summit 2023 will continue its mission to enrich the ICT ecosystem by expanding to other regions. The next chapter of this transformative event will take place in Galle in August, promising another unforgettable experience where innovation, knowledge sharing, and networking converge.