Epic Lanka helps businesses to accelerate digital transformation with Doxmate

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Epic Lanka Managing Director and CEO Viraj Mudalige 

Sri Lanka’s premier Fintech solutions provider Epic Lanka has announced the launch of Doxmate, an end-to-end workflow automation and business process management solution that empowers people and businesses to be more productive. 

Doxmate delivers automation capabilities designed for every business function and industry that enable anyone to build Smart workflows and integrate data across systems without doing any coding.

Businesses are shifting to digital-first customer experiences and creating more data from more systems than ever before. The transformation of time-consuming, mundane tasks creates the need for a technology platform to drive productivity with intelligent, automated workflows and data integration. With efforts being taken to maximise employee productivity, many organisations are increasingly turning to new workflow automation technology to help employees become more productive and do their best work.

In such a context, Epic Lanka’s Doxmate offers a two-pronged solution—Doxmate BizFlow and Doxmate DMS. Doxmate Bizflow comes with extensive functionalities to cover all digitised business needs of an organisation. The platform allows its business users to create their digital workflows in the cloud in a few clicks without requiring any technical knowledge or experience. Doxmate DMS helps businesses store and manage all digitised documents of the traditional paperwork in the cloud, including documents generated via Doxmate Bizflow. With Doxmate DMS, businesses need not worry about paper stacks and using space to store documents. 

Epic Lanka Managing Director and CEO Viraj Mudalige said: “In today’s climate, every organisation faces a digital imperative to automate complex processes and free up employee time to focus on customer success. Organisations are swiftly moving toward broader workflow automation across business operations and within IT processes. This helps to speed up processes and improve communication.” 

“With Doxmate, everyone can change the speed of work and be more productive through intelligent workflow automation. Through Doxmate, our goal is to expedite the digital transformation of our customers so they can better manage their work. Using Epic Lanka’s pre-built resources within the solution, organisations can dramatically cut down the time needed to go digital which allows for better customer experiences as they can easily automate tasks using industry-specific workflows,” Mudalige added.

Doxmate comes with a plethora of features including coding-free drag-and-drop form design, document scanner integration, e-signature capability, integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR), content masking, document uploading, role-based user control, reports and analytics, document archiving, and indexing. Doxmate provides flexibility in controlling the systems and the ability to experiment quickly and effectively, giving higher leverage in managing change. Furthermore, quick insights and practical alterations in a transformation journey enable the transformation of a company’s digitised processes much more quickly. The solution allows everyone involved in business workflows to see the status of work, approvals, and bottlenecks, enabling greater transparency. The web and mobile-based dynamic forms and easily configurable workflow management features of Doxmate also allow employees and clients to get their work done faster and efficiently from anywhere.