Dialog Enterprise launches stronger customer cloud propositions with VMware by Broadcom

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In light of the recent conclusion of Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware in the cloud computing and virtualisation arena, Dialog Enterprise reaffirms its steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional services to its clientele. 

Through its prestigious invite-only partnership with Broadcom, Dialog Enterprise will continue to serve its customer base unfailingly as a reliable service provider in the region.

Known for its strategic partnerships and prompt undertakings, Dialog Enterprise, the corporate ICT solutions arm of Dialog Axiata PLC., said it remains dedicated to empowering local enterprises with cutting-edge solutions. The partnership with Broadcom promises to unlock new avenues for innovation and growth while assuring existing VMware customers and partners that their subscriptions and partnerships will remain unaffected.

“Together with Broadcom, we are poised to harness our combined strengths and deliver even greater value to our customers. As an invite-only partner, Dialog Enterprise will continue to provide unparalleled service and exciting opportunities through our collaboration with Broadcom,” explained Dialog Enterprise Group Chief Officer Navin Pieris. “This partnership signifies an exciting step forward for Dialog Enterprise, and we look forward to the journey ahead.”

Under the new partnership with Broadcom, Dialog Enterprise offers two distinct partner models tailored to meet the diverse needs of enterprise clients. The first model, VMware by Broadcom cloud service provider solution, leverages the robust infrastructure of the locally hosted cloud platform, ensuring seamless access to cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled support. This option is ideally suited for enterprises seeking scalable and flexible cloud solutions to drive their digital transformation initiatives.

Alternatively, the reseller model provides a comprehensive suite of services designed for on-premises deployment, catering to organisations with specific infrastructure requirements. While both models offer unique advantages, VMware by Broadcom cloud service provider solution stands out as the preferred choice, offering superior scalability, agility, and innovation to propel businesses forward in today’s dynamic market landscape. 

Dialog Enterprise’s commitment to providing secure and reliable solutions tailored to the needs of local enterprises is further reinforced by the stringent sovereign controls implemented within its platforms. These controls ensure that enterprise customers can confidently choose Dialog Enterprise’s sovereign cloud for their most rigorous compliance requirements. Alongside its ongoing dedication to service excellence and appreciation by Broadcom through its invite-only partnership, Dialog Enterprise is positioned as the trusted partner for businesses embarking on their digital transformation journey.