Laknath finds learning at Truman State University rewarding

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When most Sri Lankans hear the name Truman, they think of an American president from a long time ago. However, for Laknath Gunathilake, the name Truman brings to mind the number one Public University in the Midwest, and the place he currently calls home.

Nestled into the small town of Kirksville, Missouri, Truman State University is a prestigious academic institution and an excellent place for students to focus on their studies. The University strives to provide a place where students can acquire the knowledge they will need to flourish as global citizens.  As a transfer student from another university, Laknath found Truman’s innovative approach to learning both rewarding and satisfying. “I felt the importance placed on critical thinking and the acceptance of different opinions of the faculty,” Laknath said. “The classroom sessions are extremely interesting, and they are followed by discussion and deliberation.”

One of Truman’s great advantages is its location in the Midwest. A far cry from the mile-a-minute pace of the big city, Kirksville offers Laknath the chance to take things slowly and focus on his studies. Students are much more likely to encounter a farm than a factory on a leisurely bike ride from campus, and an adventure into the rolling green hills of Missouri is never far away. In addition, the people of Kirksville and the surrounding communities are friendly, welcoming, and genuine. Many graduates return to Truman and tell faculty how much they missed the easy-going lifestyle they enjoyed as part of the Kirksville community.

Truman also provides students like Laknath with a unique and challenging curriculum. Truman is a public university that, in the style of the well-known private universities, implements a “liberal arts” education system, in which students explore many academic disciplines – including some outside their major area of study. However, unlike expensive private universities, Truman is committed to providing an affordable education to students from all over the globe. For these reasons, Truman has been said to supply, “A private education at a public price.”

During his time in northeast Missouri, Laknath has enjoyed the enriching coursework that Truman has to offer. Rather than struggle with the diverse subjects, Laknath has found many opportunities to grow as a student. “The idea of a liberal arts education was fascinating to me…I was taking classes in Agriculture, Pre-Calculus, Theatre, and Chinese History,” Laknath said. A semester at Truman offered Laknath – a Political Science student – that level of freedom in his course selection!

Laknath has especially enjoyed getting involved in Truman’s diverse campus community. Students come to Truman from all over the United States and from almost 50 nations around the globe, seeking a world-class education at an affordable price. As a Sri Lankan, Laknath is part of a large international student body which, in his own words, “contributes a great deal in shaping the overall culture of the university.” The cultural festivals, dance parties, and ethnic feasts they enjoy are just a part of the vibrant student community on Truman’s campus.

Since Laknath transferred to Truman State University, he has found the experience to be rewarding academically and fulfilling personally. The liberal arts program, challenging coursework, and committed faculty distinguish Truman as an institution of higher learning. At the same time, the friendly people, easy-going pace, and pristine landscape make Kirksville the ideal place to pursue an undergraduate degree. (A degree in political science will equip Laknath with the knowledge he needs to be a leader. However, the experience he has gained at Truman will help develop the character he needs to make a difference in the world). After all, Truman is much more than an American president. It’s a world-class university that could change the course of a student’s life!