Deepal to repeat the Triple Balance in Colombo and Kandy

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In responding to the overwhelming demand for the program, Deepal will be presenting his Triple Balance one-day workshop in Colombo on 16 July and 22 July in Kandy. The program in Kandy will be predominantly in Sinhala considering the target audience from the Central Province. The events are being organised by Inspire One ( “I strongly believe in the importance of taking a holistic view when developing people. We employ total human beings not just bundles of competencies. People development is not about fixing one or two competencies needed to get a job done, which to me is like considering human beings as parts of machine. This approach can yield limited results but difficult to sustain. Our lives are far more complex and full of many interdependencies. Finding equilibrium in all these is an essential skill and in fact the heart of being effective in delivering results. This is the underlying philosophy in developing this program,” says Deepal, who has developed this program based on his own observations throughout his career and as a result of various interactions with numerous organisations. “Corporate effectiveness is directly linked to individual effectiveness. In achieving this it is important finding equilibrium with all stake holders. It is not just seeking a balance between work and life which is in a way a myth. It is much more than that. This cannot be achieved unless there is understanding communication and harmony. Gaining that is a skill more than taking a holiday or going to the gym,” he added. This one-day program will make the participants think afresh about the ‘Business, Self and Family’. In this highly competitive environment it is very easy to lose focus in all these three areas and even more importantly how to keep a balance in all three. How to innovate business The program guides the participants to look at their businesses in a novel way with a view to innovating the business by revisiting the core strategic thrust of the business, and by approaching the business through the triple prism of ‘People, Processes and Policies’. How to be more effective as a person Participants will be given a number of simple tools that will help them think creatively, and gain better focus in their own lives, whether it is business, professional or personal. An important element of this module will be how to develop mindfulness as an executive capability based on his book on the same topic published in UK titled ‘Inward Bound’. ‘Sathiyen Dawasak’, published under the Sinhalen Business Series is the Sinhala version of it. How to balance family with business Participants will learn some proven concepts that can be used to ensure prosperity of the family while being successful in business or a profession. In this highly stressed times we do not have time to pay attention to the affairs of the family at the right time. We tend to approach them in the way we deal with aches and pains by taking a pain killer to subside the symptom. But with family this will not work. Most professionals realize the gravity in the family when issues reach crisis stage. This will be main insight on which the program is developed. Triple Balance is unique in that it cuts through the concept clutter and help the participants to grasp the essential. Ideal for business owners, heads of business units such as branch managers, the program will be highly interactive and end of the day each participant will have key elements to prepare a personal development action plan covering all three areas. Deepal brings in three decades of senior management experience in managing one of the leading companies in Sri Lanka as well as his wealth of knowledge and exposure in multifaceted fields locally and internationally. He is unique in his ability to blend the best insights from east and west. Deepal is the former Managing Director of AVIVANDB Insurance (AIA). He serves on a number of boards including that of Sampath Bank and AIA Insurance as an independent director. He also functions as the Commissioner of the Sri Lanka Inventors Commission and has authored over 15 books locally and internationally. He pioneered disseminating modern management concepts in simple language through his book series Sinhalen Business. His writings and presentations are so popular because of his unique ability to present even the most complex concepts in a very simple manner. He is passionate about developing people and brings this ability to inspire others. Participating in a program delivered by Deepal is in itself a life-changing experience.