CIMA Business Leader Summit 2012 coming up

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In the 21st century change is the only constant. We have witnessed that large economies can fail in brisk time frames and that strong currencies can be devalued in a matter of days. Today markets respond to ideas and products from anywhere in the world anytime, it is no longer based on a country or region. At a time where product life cycles are inconsistent and subject to rapid transformation there is no more pressing matter than sustainability management and no discipline that can give you an edge over rivals than effective execution.

 A consultant, trainer and corporate coach Peter Fleming defines sustainability as ‘here today, here tomorrow’. Many confuse this success factor with Ethics, Governance, CSR, Greenism that run ‘alongside’ the business and it is given low priority. In a market economy such as Sri Lanka the entrepreneur must be up to par with the worlds current practices. Sustainability is not just ‘Going Green’ and in the prevalent turbulent times it can be a competitive advantage through driving continuous growth and preventing corporate collapses. This will be the crux of Peter’s presentation.

Peter worked for major MNC’s like Schlumberger, General Motors and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Consulting where he was the Asia-Pacific Regional VP and Head of the Automotive Consulting Practice for 20 years.

Peter, who is currently CFO and Director of a global social enterprise involved with creating sustainable livelihoods and alleviating poverty in developing countries, will enthral the audience with his experience on the power of sustainability. The Chartered Management Accountant points out that business sustainability should be at the top of mind-share at critical times when making any major decision, assessing the performance of the CEO and determining job stability of employees.

The CIMA Business Leaders Summit strives to equip corporate leaders with the latest tools, best practices and skills to ensure success in the ever changing global economy. And in line with this goal, this year’s summit will focus on the form, flexibility and force of power.

Only, precise and powerful execution will build and sustain a legacy that will endure the trials of time.

Associate dean of the Solbridge International School of Business, Dr. Rao Kowtha will share expert insights on developing and sustaining the power of execution. An arrow will reach its target only if it is executed precisely. Likewise, a battle strategy will reap a successful result only if it is executed accurately.   

Dr. Kowtha has over 20 years of experience in undergraduate and MBA lecturing, where his research papers have been awarded by international journals.

He has carried out executive coaching and consulting to companies such as Toshiba and Motorola (Singapore), where his consulting experience spans Multinationals and entrepreneurs in several Asian countries, in particular several Indian entrepreneurs in the Shipping and Offshore industries. He believes that one cannot wait until opportunity knocks on the door as chance favours those who are active.

He deems that success will be achieved through a visionary leadership, the relentless pursuit of innovation and the ability to embracing diversity and change. He will share lessons learnt from companies who have channelled power derived from effective execution towards organisational success such as Samsung and Hyundai, and best practices of East Asian companies who have excelled in execution through innovation.

What will affect the sustainability of your company’s mission positively and what will affect it negatively? How will you execute you operations to ensure that your brands, products and services are here to stay? If you are a corporate leader seeking answers for these questions then ensure that you don’t miss the CIMA business leader’s summit on 11 and 12 June at the Cinnamon Grand. For registrations, contact Indika on 2503880 Ext 200