‘Speaker In You’ launches next intake focusing on improving public speaking and presentation skills

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  • Free introductory session on 8 July

The ‘Speaker in You’ program, designed to help corporate executives and higher education students improve their public speaking and presentation skills, will begin its next intake on Thursday with a free introductory session on 8 July at 7 p.m. via the Zoom platform.

In today’s world, it is critical for a corporate executive or a higher education student to be able to inspire, persuade, and motivate others, or to be able to communicate his or her ideas to a group of people in a clear, structured, and captivating manner. The skills play a significant role in advancing one’s personal growth or taking a business to the next level. Through a series of carefully selected lessons and speech projects, this program teaches how to deliver those enthralling speeches.

The skills in the program will be taught over the course of 12 three-hour sessions. Each session will include public speaking instruction and practice, as well as the opportunity to learn from other experienced speakers.

The skills will be taught and practiced in a welcoming, non-threatening setting. Each batch will have a maximum of ten to twelve participants. They will be learning alongside others who share their goal. Advisors who once shuddered at the prospect of public speaking but have successfully developed their public speaking skills will lead them down the experiential learning path. There are no lecturers or professors here; only experienced speakers who have been in your position.

Furthermore, this program is designed to provide students with numerous opportunities to acquire and develop the skills required to be an effective and confident public speaker. It is organized around a series of 24 lessons of 20–30 minutes taught by advisors on topics like ‘Exhibiting confidence when speaking in public,’ ‘Visual elements of public speaking,’ and ‘Writing and presenting a proposal’.

There are additional activities that are more engaging and provide opportunities for hands-on learning in addition to these sessions. These include the participants’ seven prepared speeches, classroom exercises, and speaker-advisor discussions.

Thursdays from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. will be reserved for online sessions. Those who want to attend the program on weekends can do so by enrolling in the Saturday batch, which is held at the same time. They, too, are welcome to attend the free introductory session on 8 July.

For more information, contact Course Director Dr. Prabath Karunanayake at 0776 956 701 or email prabath@gihe.lk.