CCC nurtures practical leadership skills through two-day workshop

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There is a serious lack of leadership training geared to sustaining the success of our organisations in increasingly turbulent local and global markets. As a result, the vast corporate resources and the rich human capital found in our country are not fully exploited. This situation negatively impacts both corporate health and our national competitiveness in the fiercely competitive modern world. 

In response to this vital need, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) has organised a two-day workshop on leadership. It sharpens the leadership skills of managers to help them boost corporate performance against a background of increasing business uncertainty. Led by award-winning leadership expert Dr. Asoka Jinadasa, it will be held at Movenpick Hotel Colombo on Wednesday 31 October and Thursday 1 November from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

A new leadership model

To succeed in today’s business world, commercial enterprises need leaders who can retain their staff and inspire them to serve fast-changing market needs better than competitors. Developing such leaders is the biggest challenge facing organisations everywhere. 

Conventional extrinsic leadership development, which covers an overwhelmingly complex multitude of mainly analytical skills, has failed to produce such leaders needed in the business world. Popular models such as servant leadership, transactional leadership, and transformational leadership have little use in complex situations where previously successful solutions are unlikely to produce similar outcomes.

Intrinsic leadership development

Dr. Jinadasa has developed a simple new methodology for leadership development that he has presented at 15 international conferences in 7 countries. “Intrinsic leadership development nurtures leaders by unleashing the vast inborn abilities people instinctively use to lead their families to success often under difficult conditions. It sharpens these inborn analytical and creative skills and helps everyone adopt a leader’s attitudes and behaviours, regardless of their position within an organisation,” he explained.

Dr. Jinadasa is a UK Chartered Engineer with a US PhD in Business Strategy. This workshop will be based on his award-winning six-dimensional foundation of leadership and 5-step framework for leadership skill development. He is the author of the international award-winning self-coaching book, ‘Flying Penguin’. He founded the Intrinsic Leadership Academy with Lean Six Sigma expert Arosha Jayasundera. Their 8,000-word website provides a wealth of research-based information on leadership development:

Program benefits

Participants will individually assess and sharpen their leadership skills in five key areas: Leadership Foundation (Heart, Mind, Body, Passion, Focus and Health); Emotional Intelligence (understanding and managing negative emotions); Coaching and Mentoring (unleashing inborn human potential), Creativity and Innovation (nurturing creativity for focused innovation); Speaking and Presenting (speaking clearly and influencing others). 

This workshop will enhance the leadership skills of managers in CCC member companies and other organisations. Participants will identify new ways to guide their teams to reach higher levels of individual, team and corporate performance in an increasingly uncertain business world. They will receive comprehensive course notes, a certificate, and a soft copy of the book ‘Flying Penguin’.

Highest ROTI

You will get the highest ROTI (Return On Training Investment) from helping your managers sharpen the leadership skills they need to boost your corporate performance. That’s because effective leaders inspire others to respond innovatively to the opportunities and threats posed by volatile operating conditions. They guide the hundreds of decisions made every day in every department at every level. They are at the heart of your organisational success. They make a huge impact on your bottom line. And they sharpen your competitive edge in today’s fiercely competitive commercial world. That’s why successful companies spend about 32% of their training budget on leadership development. 

Register before Monday 29 October. Participation is limited to 50. For registration and prepayment of fees, please call Sriyani on 011-5588877/5588880 or email or