Nawaloka Hospital discounts on diabetes health screenings

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Current health statistics now indicate that one in four Sri Lankans suffer from diabetes, with that number expected to double by 2050. Additionally, 10% of students currently suffer from this disease, while 15% more are at risk of developing it. Bearing this growing problem in mind, and with the recent World Diabetes Day commemoration, Nawaloka Hospital is offering an attractive discount of 15% for its three-month, six-month and annual known diabetes screening packages. Further, the same saving has also been extended to an initial diabetes health screening package, which will be available at the very special price of Rs. 990 for a limited time period, to enable all Sri Lankans to take that first important step in diabetes awareness and, whenever possible, prevention. Carried out by the Nawaloka Serene Health Screening Centre, these diabetes-specific health checks encompass vital body functions tests such as fasting blood sugar, lipid profile, full blood count, Body Mass Index (BMI), an eye evaluation, an echocardiograph (ECG) and an ultrasound of one’s abdomen, as well as tests to ascertain one’s levels of Serum Creatine, free radicals and micro-albumin in urine, HbA1C blood glucose, liver enzymes, thyroid stimulating hormones (TSH), etc. Nawaloka Hospital Director/General Manager Prof. Lal Chandrasena said: “Diabetes is a growing epidemic in South East Asia and, by offering these significantly discounted diabetes health screenings, we at Nawaloka Hospital are doing all we can to give our fellow Sri Lankans the opportunity to manage, or even prevent, diabetes. All it takes is 20 minutes of exercise a day and eating sensible meals to keep this life-long disease in check. You also have to be mindful of feeling excessive thirst or tiredness, or rapid weight loss or frequent urination, which are symptoms of diabetes getting out of control. Diabetes is no longer an illness to be afraid of and, if managed effectively, one can lead a long, full life even while coping with the disease.”