Lanka Hospitals surpasses 1,000 IVF births

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The internationally-accredited, multi-award-winning Lanka Hospitals Colombo announces the successful delivery of 1,000 IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation – commonly known as test-tube) babies. 

Proven to be one of the most sophisticated facilities in South Asia, Lanka Hospitals’ Fertility Centre’s success is founded on its clinical and professional excellence and success rate on par with similar outfits in the developed world.

“We at Lanka Hospitals are extremely honoured to announce the surpassing of 1,000 IVF baby births. It is indeed a blessed occasion to embrace the fact that we have been instrumental in aiding many couples with the dream of offspring; realise it, with healthy, beautiful children of their own flesh and blood,” stated Lanka Hospitals Group Chief Executive Officer Dr. Prasad Medawatte.

The acclaimed Fertility Centre at Lanka Hospitals is operational throughout the year and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, with higher rate of success in IVF without disrupting the female partner’s menstrual cycle. It has set several benchmarks in the sub-fertility field in Sri Lanka, including the first pregnancy through Vitrification and novel investigations such as Reactive Oxygen in Human Semen (ROS) and Sperm DNA Fragmentation Analysis to identify male factor infertility, giving the couple increased chance of conception.

The Centre also expects to introduce an advanced fertility treatment called PGD (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis) where the embryo can be checked for genetic disorders such as Down syndrome, haemophilia, thalassemia and gender before being inseminated to the womb. Lanka Hospitals Clinical Embryologist Dr. Madara Ralapanawe spoke of the high clinical standards of the processes involved in an IVF conception at the clinic.

“Since its inception in 2008 up to date, Lanka Hospitals’ Fertility Centre has been able to emulate world’s most successful and developed Centres in practice and outcome. The Centre is equipped with the most modern facilities and manned by the most experiences professionals in all clinical spheres. Lanka Hospitals Fertility Centre has introduced many firsts and has focused on all possible avenues to treat sub-fertility among females and males, eventually making it possible for aspirant parents to become just that,” explained Dr. Ralapanawe.


Lanka Hospitals not only ensures the privacy of the would- be parents but also renders vast convenience by ways of minimising hospital visits, treatment methods and hormonal injections, considerably reducing the disruption to their regular lifestyle during IVF treatment.

“The success of Lanka Hospitals’ Fertility Centre can partly be attributed to the strong system support rendered to the centre by other specialists, such as physicians, urologists, endocrinologists, geneticists, dieticians, etc. work in tandem to achieve the highest fertility levels of any sub fertile couple who approaches us,” stated Lanka Hospitals Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr. Nishendra Karunaratne. Lanka Hospitals PLC Chairman Dr. Sarath Paranavitane spoke of the success of Lanka Hospitals Fertility Centre.

“A few years ago, fertility treatment was only a dream for most couples due to the high cost involved. Moreover, IVF was mostly popular in the developed world and developing countries such as ours was only testing the waters to introduce this facility to our people as it required expertise and new technology. Lanka Hospitals embraced the concept of IVF and took the bold step to make provision to setup a state-of-the-art fertility centre. We not only made IVF acceptable but also affordable. I am proud that LHC has surpassed 1,000 IVF babies and has created new lives and new families.”

Lanka Hospitals celebrated the birth of its 1,000th IVF baby, one of the most noteworthy accomplishments in the Sri Lankan healthcare industry, on 18 July, at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel Colombo.