Dr. Nori Graham to visit Sri Lanka

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The Lanka Alzheimer’s Foundation announced the visit of Dr. Nori Graham in mid-December. Dr. Graham is a former Chairperson of Alzheimer’s Disease International and Alzheimer’s Society, UK.

She is now the Honorary Vice-President of both organisations and remains active campaigning for the better care of people with dementia.

During her six year tenure as the Chairman of ADI the membership grew from 40 to 64 countries; where most new members came from developing nations, including Sri Lanka.

Dr. Graham’s primary interest is the inclusion of all countries in one global family working towards a commitment to address a common goal on the growing concern over dementia.

Dr. Graham’s second visit to Sri Lanka from 15 to 18 December will highlight the work Lanka Alzheimer’s Foundation wishes to undertake in the years ahead at its new service centre.  

The Mission of the Foundation calls for building awareness of dementia; this collective term describes over 100 physical brain disorders, the most prevalent being Alzheimer’s disease.  

She and her husband are being hosted by the Hilton Colombo during their brief visit.

The stress and confusion of carers who care for persons with dementia, are addressed by the Foundation.  In Sri Lanka, almost 100% of those with the dementias are cared for in the homes of the family members concerned.  

The Foundation wishes to provide support, understanding and recommend care of those persons with dementia.  Requisite training and education specific to the holistic needs of those being cared for and the caregivers are part of the Mission of the Foundation.

Dr. Graham is a graduate of the University of Oxford and University College Hospital Medical School, London.

She is Emeritus Consultant in the Psychiatry of Old Age at the Royal Free Hospital, where, for over twenty years she ran a community-based comprehensive service for older people with all forms of mental disorders.  

She then acted as Mental Health Consultant to Nightingale House, a large nursing home in Clapham, London.  More recently she has undertaken work for the Centre for Social Justice, a London-based think-tank developing policies for disadvantaged groups of people.

She is currently engaged in a new initiative called ‘Age Action Alliance’ which aims to improve the quality of life of older people living in impoverished circumstances.   Dr. Graham was awarded an honorary doctorate for public service by the Open University. She has also been made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Her most recent publication is: Nori Graham and James Warner Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias.

Initial signs of forgetfulness and confusion demonstrated by a person, may lead family members, close relatives and friends to be in a state of doubt and misgiving. “Is it old age or worse?” An early quality diagnosis provides relief to family and the person with the problem to understand the nature and the outcome of dementia, should that be the diagnosis.  Specific Information, advice, and counsel to bring understanding on the progression of dementia and its outcome are available to families and the persons diagnosed.

Dr. Graham a world renowned old age psychiatrist who has decades of practical experience on the nature of dementia, diagnosis, care and support, and its effect on the community, shall provide advice  and information on many matters germane to the initial difficulties that people have confronting dementia.