Credence Genomics embarks on new venture with Harcourts

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Credence Genomics Ltd., the only commercial next generation sequencing laboratory in Sri Lanka, has embarked on a new venture with Harcourts. Credence, which specialises in cutting-edge DNA technology, comparable with countries such as USA and UK are working tirelessly to enable Sri Lankans to understand their genetic makeup.

“Now, all you have to do is just walk into a Harcourts pharmacy and spit into a two ml bottle to find out whether you have a genetic predisposition to breast cancer, colorectal cancer or heart disease. We are capable of telling you whether you have a mutation in one of the relevant genes which is responsible for these conditions,” said Dr. Vaz Gnanam, Director Credence Genomics. “However, like any other DNA testing, it is mandatory to sign a consent form prior to this test,” said Gnanam. 

More and more people are diagnosed with cancers and heart disease each year. The current global trend is to identify your genes and ensure that early detection puts you on the right path.

“One in six women in Sri Lanka are prone to breast cancer and every year 12,000 patients are diagnosed with breast cancer. Likewise, a majority of men are affected with colorectal cancer with one in three men diagnosed being under the age of 50, while heart disease is the number one killer in Sri Lanka,” said Dr. Gnanam. 

Dr, Gnanam stressed the fact that early detection could make all the difference in the world, while lifestyle plays a major role in the wellbeing of a human being. “Once you identify your genetic predisposition to such conditions you could adjust your lifestyle to ensure a better tomorrow.”