Vida Medical Clinic redefines healthcare experience with comprehensive services and patient-centric approach

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From left : Medical Director Dr. Chandana Galappaththi, Managing Director Devin Ambalangodage and Head of Clinical Operations Dr. Janice Boulton

Vida Medical Clinic, Colombo’s premier healthcare institution committed to providing exceptional medical care with a comprehensive array of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its patients. Founded in 2021, Vida Medical Clinic has quickly become synonymous with excellence, offering personalised, patient-centric care in a professional and compassionate environment conveniently located at 33 Deal Place A, Colombo-3.

Under the dynamic leadership of Managing Director Devin Ambalangodage, Medical Director Dr. Chandana Galappaththi, and Head of Clinical Operations Dr. Janice Boulton, Vida Medical Clinic has set itself apart by offering comprehensive treatment pathways guided by committed consultants.

Dr. Galappaththi underscores the clinic’s commitment to patient satisfaction and efficient care stating, “At Vida, we prioritise patient satisfaction and efficient care. Our stringent selection process ensures that only the most competent healthcare professionals join our team, dedicated to providing thorough consultations and personalised treatment plans. Patients are never kept waiting; respecting others’ time is paramount to us; we ensure minimal waiting times and offer flexible scheduling for appointments.”

Operating round the clock, Vida Medical Clinic provides prompt, effective, and affordable immediate care for non-life-threatening illnesses. With a team of over 60 professionals, including registered doctors, physicians, psychologists, and more, patients benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare, ensuring comprehensive solutions to their healthcare needs.

Vida takes pride in its utilisation of state-of-the-art and well-equipped ambulances, setting a new standard in patient transportation. Devin Ambalangodage expresses enthusiasm about contributing to the community’s health stating, “We are delighted to enhance community health and well-being and introduce top-tier healthcare services to Sri Lanka. With Vida, there’s no need for individuals to seek medical treatment abroad; we provide an international standard experience right here. Our goal is to comprehensively transform the healthcare landscape in Sri Lanka, emphasising better healthcare outcomes, a strong focus on preventive care, and embracing digital advancements in the field.”

In addition to conventional medical care, Vida Medical Clinic offers a range of specialised services, including primary care, specialist consultations, private sexual health clinics, family medicine, physiotherapy, sports medicine, and an ice bath facility. The clinic provides the ease of on-site blood work and lab testing, along with doctor visits offered at home, in office, or even in hotels, catering to both locals and foreigners alike.

Vida prioritises mental and sexual health, offering comprehensive counselling services for individuals of all ages and pioneering innovative therapies such as art therapy and hypnotherapy. Dr. Janice Boulton emphasises the importance of community engagement, stating, “We actively participate in initiatives like creating awareness on sexual health and mental health awareness sessions in corporate settings and tailored programs for specific communities, fostering mental well-being and awareness.” At Vida, sexual health is advocated, with offerings including STD testing, all while prioritising and safeguarding patient privacy.

Furthermore, Vida Medical Clinic’s newly introduced cosmetology services complement its existing offerings, providing patients with a holistic approach to their healthcare needs. With aesthetically pleasing interiors designed to promote healing and overall well-being, the clinic ensures a comfortable environment for patients.

To enhance patient care further, Vida Medical Clinic offers personalised care packages structured by expert consultants, integrating diagnostics, treatment options, nutrition plans, and education into a single, holistic approach. Every patient receives a personal health record, regularly updated with health history and consultation details.

As Sri Lanka grapples with challenges posed by an ageing population and rising non-communicable diseases, Vida Medical Clinic emphasises the importance of proactive measures through home, hotel, or office visits and check-ups for older patients. A standout service provided by Vida involves doctor visits, addressing a significant gap and need for geriatric care, and ensuring high-quality medical assistance for patients who face challenges visiting hospitals due to advanced age and other circumstances.

Vida harnesses its social media platform to produce informative and awareness-driven medical videos, featuring qualified medical professionals, ensuring credibility and imparting valuable knowledge to the audience.


Vida Medical HR Manager Oshadhi Ovitigama along with the staff