Durdans Hospital elevates healthcare connectivity with Dialog Enterprise’s SDWAN solution

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Durdans Hospital, a pioneering institution in Sri Lanka’s healthcare landscape, has forged a strategic alliance with Dialog Enterprise, the corporate ICT solutions arm of Dialog Axiata PLC, to introduce a cutting-edge Software Defined Wide Area Network (SDWAN) solution. This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in revolutionising healthcare connectivity and operational efficiency.

For over seven decades, Durdans Hospital has been the beacon of excellence and innovation in Sri Lanka’s healthcare industry. With a steadfast commitment to advancing medical excellence, the hospital offers 260 beds, including a critical care department comprising 60 beds, while housing the best consultants, specialists, and employees. Embracing state-of-the-art technology, Durdans Hospital stands as a world-class tertiary care institute equipped with ultramodern theatre complexes, state-of-the-art intensive care units (ICUs), radiology units, physiotherapy facilities, and catheterisation laboratories.

Partnering with Dialog Enterprise signifies Durdans Hospital’s dedication to leveraging advanced technology for the betterment of patient care and operational efficiency. The deployment of the SDWAN solution is poised to elevate the hospital’s network infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity across its island-wide laboratory network. This enables Durdans Hospital to manage its own secure network powered by Dialog SDWAN. The SDWAN solution facilitates streamlined operations through centralised administration and management, reducing the complexity of the hospital’s operations and enhancing the efficiency of laboratory services. This connectivity not only improves the hospital’s operational capabilities but also significantly contributes to faster, more accurate diagnostic services, which are crucial for patient care.

This technological advancement underscores Durdans Hospital’s commitment to patient data protection. By enhancing network security and implementing robust data encryption, the SDWAN solution ensures that patient information is securely transmitted and stored, safeguarding against unauthorised access and data breaches. This reinforces the hospital’s pledge to uphold the highest standards of patient confidentiality and trust in the digital age.

Durdans Hospital COO Mahanil Perera commented on the significance of this technological shift stating, “The integration of Dialog SDWAN at Durdans Hospital signifies our commitment to leveraging advanced technologies to streamline our operations and enhance our ability to deliver exceptional healthcare services. This solution enables us to focus on patient care while ensuring a robust and secure network infrastructure.”

“Seamless connectivity and robust security are essential for optimal patient care. Our SDWAN solution enhances network infrastructure, streamlines operations, and ensures secure data transmission. By prioritising network security and efficiency, hospitals can uphold patient confidentiality and trust in the digital age, shaping the future of healthcare. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art technology improves operational efficiencies for both larger multi-branch organisations as well as smaller enterprises,” assured Dialog Enterprise Group Chief Officer Navin Pieris highlighting the significance of the implementation. 

Dialog SD-WAN allows corporates to administer and operate network infrastructure that includes multiple connection types such as broadband, cellular connections, and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) seamlessly. The technology enables connectivity and services from a single location, such as an organisation’s headquarters or via the cloud without compromising security. It provides secure access to cloud-based applications, and direct internet breakout, backed by low-cost link redundancy. With automated application-aware routing and more efficient utilisation of all available connectivity options, Dialog SD-WAN delivers a superior user experience at the lowest cost.

 To find out more or to sign up for this solution, contact a Dialog Tech Expert on 0777 887 887.