The De Lanerolle Brothers reach for the stars

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Come Monday, 23 September, music enthusiasts will witness yet another monumental concert by The De Lanerolle Brothers at Waters Edge, Battaramulla. Despite their busy schedules, the Daily FT managed to catch the due for a brief interview about their success story and how things have progressed from their first concert to get them where they are today By Sarah Hannan Q: Having the support and sponsorship for four consecutive years from most of your sponsors; what is the key factor for your event sponsors to tie up with your events on each occasion? A Ishan: We have three concerts a year, solely organised and performed by the ‘Brothers’ year-on-year, which gives sponsors more advertising space as opposed to a one-off concert – the 3 March concert, which is a much sought after anniversary sit down dinner concert, featured pop music from the ’50s-’80s period performed in our own style, to the midyear show, which is more light classical with excerpts from operas to Broadway songs, and the last for the year being our Christmas show. It has been remarkable to have most of the sponsors support us continuously, which is a clear indication primarily that the brand in itself is a value addition to the partnership that we have come into together (the nitty-gritty which are trade secrets!) and also that the brand which was created by Leo Burnett is positioning itself well in the industry. Creating a brand is difficult and to sustain itself simply by ourselves without sponsors and partners would not be possible under any circumstance. A partnership is not one way traffic as most people think and having the media with us and the sponsors and the people who continuously support us throughout is ample testimony to have other sponsors also wanting to join us and take music together with us to a different level. Q: Compared to the first concert and the concert next Monday, what difference did you see when approaching sponsors and getting them on board? A: The difference is that we have almost all our sponsors for all our productions! We are very grateful to Dialog and Singer for starting us off as Platinum sponsors and remaining to date as the Platinum sponsors. Apart from the Platinum sponsors, we have had Central Hospital and Maliban coming in as our Gold sponsors and on prior occasions NDB and Union Bank and for this production, BOC, Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers and Audi are our Silver sponsors. Qatar Airways, Waters Edge Capital City, Event Productions, Leo Burnett, Atomedia and Kent round off the Principal sponsors. The modules we work on with each of them differ, with the prime target being that we look at it as a production and not simply a concert. However, since of late we have been approached by others too and in most cases we have studied to see how the brands can merge and work on a long term basis – as of now everything is working in the right direction. Q: What makes The De Lanerolle Brothers Concerts a sought-after gig locally and internationally? A Rohan: We are overwhelmed about our success locally but are still finding our way and internationally we are making strides in the right direction with a long and winding road in front of us. The fact that we are able to sing diverse repertoires equally well may be a fundamental factor of our success and the following we have even from teenagers could be attributed to the manner in which we present ourselves. Q: What can the fans look forward to at your upcoming concert and the tours in 2014? A Ishan: 2014 is a very interesting year for the ‘Brothers,’ as we prepare to celebrate our fifth year. We are humbled that the music loving public has been with us and supported us right through from our inception and we hope to have a celebration on 3 March, which kick-starts the year’s celebration. We have programs planned right through the year; I wouldn’t want to say too much on it and give out details as of now but can say that most sponsors and partners have already started working on the fifth anniversary show and some other sponsors want to join to celebrate the occasion and build on what has been already achieved. A Rohan: Ishan has been a silent factor in what we have achieved as he is always filled with ideas and at times I have had to say enough and let’s go slow! This is why we finally thought that we have to streamline what we do. We own and run our own business enterprise providing employment for over 50 employees, we have our families to take care of who are very supportive of what we do, we then have our overseas tours and three concerts locally where we collaborate with international artistes and other icons, Ishan runs his school where he teaches over 75 children and also functions as Music Director of The Cathedral of Christ the Living Saviour but none of these would be possible without the support of people who patronise our concerts and the sponsors and partners who support us and also not forgetting that these gifts are from up above. I also believe that we are still not at our peak and that there is always more room for improvement in all aspects without trying to be complacent.