Mega Lifesciences introduce NuEnat to local market

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Mega Lifesciences, the wellness, healthcare and drug company with a presence in over 50 countries, and manufacturing facilities in Thailand and Australia have introduced yet another innovative product to Sri Lanka, namely NuEnat.

Mega Lifesciences Sri Lanka Brand Manager Udyami Peiris describing NuEnat, said that it was a capsule meant to enhance the youthfulness of ones skin.

“With time, advancing age sets in no matter what, outside factors such as sun rays, pollution, diet, all take their toll on our skin, generating an abundance of free radicals that cannot be counteracted by our bodies; we need external help, and that’s where NuEnat plays a role.” Udyami went on to say that our bodies require additional reinforcements of antioxidants to defend itself against and fight free radicals, which if left unchecked can damage not only our skin but most other organs in our body.

“There are many antioxidants such as vitamin E that are available in the market but virtually all of them contain only one form called alpha tocopherol, providing partial protection against free radicals.

“Mega Lifesciences introduces for the first time to Sri Lanka a new and improved form of natural vitamin E that  contains four forms of  natural vitamin E such as alpha, beta, gamma and delta which together are know as mixed tocopherols, in other words, while the common ones in the market offer a partial benefit,  NuEnat with the four forms of vitamin E, offers a much complete benefit in terms of fighting free radicals, namely a very potent antioxidant effect that prevents skin damage and provides a youthful and beautiful skin.”

Udyami went on to say that scientific studies have proven that the gamma and delta forms of natural vitamin E has the highest absorption in the body and hence is the most beneficial.

“NuEnat helps overcome vital signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots, whilst slowing down the overall effects of aging.”  

Consumer research has also shown that many women subsequent to using NuEnat had reported significant improvement to their hair strength with reduced hair loss.

Established in 1983, Mega Lifesciences is engaged in manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing medicines – nutritional, herbal, OTC drugs, and prescription drugs in developing  countries. Mega Lifesciences is committed to providing quality products and services to their customers through continuous improvement and innovation.

“A ‘thinking’ organization, that changes before it is forced to change, Mega Lifesciences endeavours to grow beyond each of us”, said Country Manager Praveen Viswakumaran.

The company’s manufacturing facilities have received international accreditation from reputed health authorities around the world with respect to good manufacturing practices and are the largest soft gelatin manufacturers in Southeast Asia.

All products are manufactured under strict cGMP (continous Good Manufacturing Practices), while the company’s product development team has years of experience in developing soft gels, tablets, hard capsules, powders,  as well as novel drug delivery systems.

NuEnat is manufactured at the company’s plant which conforms to Australian, Danish, German and Thai quality control standards.

All Mega Lifesciences products are exclusively imported and distributed by A Baur & Co Pvt Ltd, a reputed Swiss corporate in establishment since 1897.