Kites soaring high at Bentota Beach Hotel

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In a classic example of how simple treats could be converted into a successful and entertaining event for hotels guests, the Bentota Beach Hotel invited its guests to step back into childhood or simply celebrate the pleasures of childhood and discover the art of constructing and flying a kite.  ‘The Kite Weekend’ held recently in the large expanse of hotel garden attracted over 50 participants and their families.

After enjoying lunch, hotel guests gathered in the garden and were given a choice of pre-constructed kite frames. The garden area soon became a blur of colour as vibrant patterns were being cut out from colourful tissue paper. Participants, young and old, busied themselves coaxing and negotiating the paper through frames and ensuring they were securely fastened. The competition intensified with the ruffles becoming longer and patterns becoming more intricate.

Kites were branded as Sri Lanka and a team of participants branded their creation after Bentota Beach Hotel by creating the hotel logo and adding an elaborately designed tail to the construction. Assisted by the animators and the other staff members of the hotel, the teams constructed a variety of designs in different shapes and sizes.  Finally, it was time to test the winds; the kites had to be both creative and functional. Soon participants mastered the art of flying and a race ensued to see which kite would fly the highest. Soon the winners were announced. Adding to the ambience a member of the hotel staff disguised as a ‘pineapple man’, made his rounds sprinkling seasoning and handing out wedges, whilst another was serving up generous servings of ‘achcharu’. A drinks and Popsicle stall helped to beat the heat.  It was an evening of reliving childhood memories and sharing that moment with young ones.