Fashion resolutions for 2014

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As 2014 begins, pay your wardrobe and shopping habits a little attention with Telegraph Fashion’s New Year resolutions By Bibby Sowray On 1 January each year we all make resolutions, some huge and life-changing, some so small that no one outside of ourselves would actually notice. But whatever, it’s fair to say that most revolve around our health and/or well-being. But what about our wardrobes? Here, we round up the fashion resolutions we’re hoping to keep this year.       Forget fast fashion Go on, try not buying anything from your favourite high street retailers - even if it’s just for a month to six weeks. Resist Zara’s negative magnetic pull and see what kind of positive effect it has on your bank balance. If you keep it up, what you save on fast fashion could just buy you that coveted designer bag by 2015. After all, how often do you actually need the clothes that you buy?       Sort out your wardrobe Or should we say floordrobe. Fold, hang, vacuum pack, whatever you need to do to create some order and take note of what clothes you already own and actually wear. It never takes as long as you think it will and is oddly therapeutic.       Don’t be fooled by trends The clue’s in the name. Though they’re what the fashion industry is based on, a trend won’t last. ‘But it may come back around in 10 years,’ we hear you saying, but thinking that way is as good as booking yourself a slot on Channel 4’s The Hoarder Next Door. Buy few but great quality timeless items in versatile colours and fabrics and don’t give in to that snazzy sequinned crop top winking at you in Topshop. Trust us, anyone who bought into 2013’s now-dead slogan trend is weeping at the thought of the money they wasted on a jumper that says ‘Homies’.       Take care of your clothes We can all be lazy when it comes to having to hand-wash certain items but sticking to the advice on the label really will prevent you from ruining that favourite silk blouse or cashmere jumper. Similarly, make an effort to store clothes properly, protecting cashmere from pesky moths, folding as opposed to hanging heavy knitwear so it maintains its shape and cleaning up dirty shoes before you put them away.         Put a little thought into your outfits Few of us are blessed with the throw-it-on-and-look-great aura that seems to exude from the most nonchalantly stylish women in the world. As such, it’s easy to revert to jeans and jumpers in the flurry of lateness most of us find ourselves in every morning. Each evening, spend five minutes thinking about what you could wear the next day and, if you have time, get the outfit out ready for the morning.       Be practical Ultimately, our clothing choices need to be functional and comfortable. So think twice before you purchase pieces that are sheer, low cut, super short, shoes that are painfully vertiginous – they may look great but if there’s a possibility that you’ll be tugging at the hem or slipping into flats an hour into the day, then they aren’t worth it.