Delicious yet healthy goodness: Elephant House Anodha ice cream

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A unique offering, but successful nonetheless, Elephant House’s fresh, local Anodha ice cream has become increasingly popular for the delicious, yet sour taste that accompanies each spoonful. However, this is just a small part of the entire Anodha experience.

One of the country’s most well known indigenous fruits, Anodha is sourced from local farmers, ensuring its freshness and high quality. This also provides a market for the cultivators, which is a highly motivating factor for them. Anyone who has an Anodha tree in their very own home garden would appreciate the distinctive flavour and texture of the pulp contained within the hard and spiky exterior of this fruit.

It is widely used by itself as a healthy after-meal dessert option, with some adventurous chefs in the hospitality industry even using it as the main ingredient in exotic puddings. However, to give it its due, there is more to the humble Anodha than just the taste. It is known to include highly effective therapeutic properties, especially against cancer. Little do people know that such a precious source of natural healing with lots of vitamin C grows in their own backyard.

Launched in 2010 to meet a growing demand for natural, indigenous products, Elephant House Anodha Ice Cream has seen its popularity steadily increasing among those who seek flavours that are out of the ordinary. Since its substantial health benefits have been brought to light, these too have contributed to its popularity in no small measure.

Furthermore, it has been found that parents are very keen to promote this local delicacy among their children due to this very reason. It is most encouraging to note therefore, that Elephant House plans to continue their drive to introduce more such unique flavours incorporating fresh local ingredients, so loyal Elephant House customers have much to look forward to.

Neil Samarasinghe, Head of Frozen Confectionary at Ceylon Cold Stores (Elephant House) and Vice President of John Keells Holdings, said: “Elephant House Anodha ice cream gives us the opportunity to, once again, show our consumers that our ice cream range is keeping up with their ever changing needs. In this case, we are offering them no less than a healthy alternative that enables them to continue enjoying the goodness of Elephant House ice cream.”