Ceylon Biscuits Group unveils latest brand of extruded snacks

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Introducing an out of the ordinary snacking experience, Convenience Foods (Lanka) PLC, a subsidiary of Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL), introduced ‘Ramba’ as a range of extruded snacks for the Sri Lankan youth market. Revolutionising the ‘art of snacking’ with a  trendy product,  Ramba is now available island-wide in six different flavours starting from the chocolaty Ramba Chocoblobs and Chocomelts, strawberry flavoured Ramba Chunkyberries, onion flavoured Ramba Breadchips, cheese flavoured Ramba Cheezer and to cinnamon flavoured Ramba Cinnamon Sticks in 20 gram packs. Ramba is manufactured through extrusion technology with a blend of rice, corn and other ingredients. Ramba is a baked product which contains essential vitamins and minerals and it is delicious, soft and crunchy. In order to maintain quality health and hygiene standards, the manufacturing is done by an automated system. Fortified with goodness, delectable flavours and unique shapes, Ramba was specially created for today’s industrious youth. Ramba presents these youth a fusion of flavours, energy, nutrients and fun, yet in a healthy way. Commenting on the unique aspects of CBL Ramba, Thilanka De Soyza, Managing Director of Convenience Foods (Lanka), said: “The launch of the mineral and vitamin enriched snack further enhanced CBL’s foray into the nutritive food category. Ramba is a fusion of the goodness of local raw materials and innovative technology. It is a convenient and a trendy snacking option, which doesn’t have the effects of snacks fried in oil.” “Consumers want a convenient route to guilt-free snacking rather than make large lifestyle changes,” said Vasantha Chandrapala, Convenience Foods General Manager – Marketing. “Consumers in urban areas are willing to spend on snacks with high energy levels and low fat content,” he added. Chandrapala went on to note that the wellness industry in the Sri Lankan market has been very active with increasing retail presence, big investments and many launches. Riding on this wave of consumer lifestyle changes, the FMCG giant has identified and developed Ramba among the many other products under its brands of Munchee and Samaposha. The confectionery powerhouse is now eying expansion into foreign markets while growing its domestic market share. The company says its export strategy is based on adapting its product offering to different market requirements. CBL also focuses heavily on its distribution network and marketing activities, to push its products into new markets.