Browns unveils Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers

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Brown & Company PLC has created yet another first in Sri Lanka when it launched its latest product line of Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers with a view to creating a healthier lifestyle for its people.

Browns has a rich history of pioneering the introduction of products both agricultural and commercial to the country for the benefit of the people and the economy and is a market leader of several leading brands in the country.

ACs and filters only filter visible particles, but will not purify the air of all the microscopic dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, etc.

This new product is significantly more advanced; it kills bacteria and certain viruses (like influenza) with its Plasmacluster feature and has separate odour and dust sensors which will automatically turn the unit on and off depending on environmental pollution.

Another attractive feature about this product is that the unit is relatively flat, so it sits close to the wall and is unobtrusive due to its comparatively silent operation.

Its high performance filter layers provide powerful dust reduction (approximately 99.97% of dust) and odour removal for long periods of time. Get that ‘fresh mountaintop air’ feel to the air in your home. No more itchy, scratchy problems from pet fur, so you can have a completely itch-free environment.

The high output HEPA filter removes stubborn lingering odours contained on walls and curtains, eliminates pet and cigarette odours that have seeped into curtains, sofas and clothing, so you can breathe easy once again.

The anti-allergenic, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial HEPA filter eliminates 99% of bacteria, 99.8% of mite droppings, 99.9% of pollen, and 99.9% of viruses. This is made possible through the Plasmacluster ion technology coupled with the multi-layer filter system with a HEPA filter, a dual action air purification system.

Sharp in keeping with its ‘ecological’ policy , presents energy efficient ‘Plasmacluster’ purifiers, passing on the benefit of low power consumption as little as 3.5 watts up to 50 watts to its consumers, thanks to its inverter technology. It has a washable carbon filter for added protection and longevity.

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers are available in a range of models (Domestic, Commercial and Vehicle) to suit your environment, be it your home, office, hospitals, restaurants or on the move in your vehicle, assuring you of cleaner air to breathe in, all the time.

The increasing airtight structure of modern buildings is making it easier for mould, viruses and allergens to remain suspended in the air and inactivating these invisible substances from the air around us has become a critical issue.

In today’s modern environment there is a natural build up of dust and bacteria in the home, as well as the effects of air pollution that generates in our towns and cities. These reduce the natural balance of ions in the atmosphere.

The air around us becomes contaminated by airborne particles such as mould, spores, pet dander, pollen, dust and odours, which causes allergies and exacerbates asthma.

Sharp’s original Plasmacluster technology releases positive and negative ions that occur in nature which inactivates harmful airborne substances purifying the air around you, making the air your breathe cleaner, safer and more liveable.

Plasmacluster ions are now becoming accepted throughout the world as an indispensable air treatment system, replicating the earth’s natural cleaning system within your personal environment, and are therefore harmless to humans.

The Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier is the winner of the Invention Prize at the 2008 National Invention Awards Ceremony held by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (JIII) patented by Sharp (Patent No. 3680121)