Barbie – world’s most popular doll available in Sri Lanka

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  • An all new seasonal line up in an affordable range
No doll has captured the imagination of the world’s little girls like the Barbie doll. As Barbie scores big year after year with different Barbie ranges coming out to suit the changing needs of its discerning little customers, Kiddies & Toys International (KTI), sole agents for Mattel products and Barbie in Sri Lanka, is planning to make a special seasonal line up available. The different ranges of Barbie dolls have not only fascinated little girls throughout the world but also made sure that Barbie is affordable and easy to access. From movie star Barbie dolls to culturally suitable Barbies, the world’s most popular doll continues to enthral children and capture a bigger slice of the market share throughout the world. In short, Barbie is more than just a doll – it is a fashion icon that shapes trends, a brand that is a powerhouse of potential. Barbie’s different careers Estimates put Barbie worldwide sales at over a billion sold in over 150 countries, making Barbie the world’s most sought after doll. In 2009, Barbie celebrated the 50th anniversary but sales indicate that the doll is going strong as ever, with new and more additions such as Barbie dolls that pilot aircraft drive racing cars and are astronauts. Barbie’s different roles in different careers are said to reflect the level of empowerment and progress made by women, thus giving young girls the opportunity to become empowered themselves. In Sri Lanka, as elsewhere, KTI says that Barbie is one of their most popular ranges of toys. As the season is heralded in, a wide range of Barbie dolls and Barbie themed accessories are available at a wide variety of prices, says KTI Toys Division Senior Business Development Manager Yohan Ziard, who handles the Barbie range. “There are many different Barbie dolls starting at affordable prices so that owning a Barbie for a little girl is no longer a distant dream.” Reflect different cultures Barbie dolls have been made to reflect different cultures as well – there are Barbie dolls dressed in sari and other national costumes to reflect different cultural aspects of different countries. As an icon closely associated with the multi faceted roles of today’s modern woman, Barbie is said to reflect those many roles, enabling young girls to successfully relate to those roles. As one of Sri Lanka’s leading companies in the baby and childcare market, KTI has been closely associated with some of the world’s best known and trusted childcare brands. In addition to Barbie from Mattel and Hot Wheels, KTI also represents Lego and Fisher Price in Sri Lanka. KTI also is the sole distributor in Sri Lanka for world famous Farlin mother and child care products. “With latest collections from world renowned brand names such as Barbie and Hot Wheels now available in Sri Lanka, we are pleased to give our Sri Lankan consumers the opportunity to shop for them right here at home without having to travel. There is a wide selection and many accessories to choose from.” He says, “It is important to remember that not all dolls are Barbie dolls and not all Barbies in the market are originals. We are hoping to introduce a hologram sticker for all branded original products marketed by KTI to be easily identified.” “There will be special discounts and offers on Barbie dolls and accessories at exclusive distributors.” Farlin, LEGO, Mattel, Fisher Price, Hot Wheels and Barbie products can be purchased at KTI’s own branded shops as well at all other leading retailers. KTI’s website ‘Happiness’ also markets Barbie dolls and a wide range of baby and child care products online.