Tunes of freedom for a better and freer world

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In today’s world, where freedom is often taken for granted, it’s vital to pause and reflect: Is everyone truly free? Are there invisible obstacles preventing some from enjoying their rights and freedom? However, exploring the many facets of freedom is more important now than ever. That’s where projects like “Tunes of Freedom” come in.

“Tunes of Freedom” uses music as a bridge to allow people to explore different facets of freedom. It selects popular songs from Sri Lankan culture and examines them through the lens of freedom with the support of well-known song literature critics. Each song represents a specific freedom value and is performed by renowned artists, followed by a discussion. This approach makes learning about freedom more practical and relatable for everyone.

FNF Sri Lanka and FNF Bangladesh Head Wolfgang Heinze emphasised that the Friedrich Naumann Foundation is committed to collaborating worldwide with forward-thinking individuals to create a better world where people can genuinely embrace the core values of freedom. He stated, “In a world full of differences, ‘Tunes of Freedom’ brings us together through the power of music, spreading the message of freedom and unity.”

As Asantha Kalyananda, the creator of the project, says: “Music can speak to anyone’s heart, no matter where they are from or what language they speak. In any era, songs represent the social dynamics of society; they can highlight pressure points, injustice, war, or even celebrations. Regardless of location, culture, or time, the challenges for freedom are common in most of these cases.”

Acclaimed young artists Dumal Warnakulasuriya, Sanka Dineth, Falen Andrea, and Avinesh Amarnath, beloved by audiences far and wide, collaborated with the esteemed award-winning author Mahinda Prasad Masimbula, Dr. Hansamala Ritigahapola, Senior Lecturer from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, and Nadaraja Manivannan, esteemed journalist, and filmmaker, as invaluable resource personnel.

Tunes of Freedom is determined to convey the message of freedom not only within Sri Lanka but also to audiences worldwide.