JVP calls Govt. bluff on UN inquiry motion in Parliament

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  • Leader Anura Kumara says move to seek Parliament’s views a ‘political gimmick’
  • JVP submits amendment to Govt. resolution on UN inquiry
  • Amendment demands undertaking on domestic probe within three months
The JVP has moved swiftly to counteract a Government decision to allow Parliament to decide on whether Sri Lanka should cooperate with a UN inquiry by demanding that the ruling party conducts a domestic probe into human rights abuses within three months. The Marxist part has submitted an amendment to the resolution handed in by nine UPFA MPs on Wednesday (11) that includes an undertaking by the Government to conduct credible investigations into a range of rights violations, prosecute those responsible and report back to Parliament within three months. “To demonstrate its commitment to protecting democracy and human rights and to protect the people’s democratic rights and human rights, the Government will undertake to conduct impartial investigations into the following incidents and submit a report to Parliament within three months and bring those responsible for the incidents to justice,” the amendment reads. The violations listed by the JVP include the shooting of civilians in Weliweriya, the killing of the Katunayake FTZ worker Roshan Chanaka, Chilaw fisherman Anthony Fernando, a series of custodial deaths including Ganeshan Nimalaruban custodial death and the host of attacks against journalists and other officials over the past several years. “The Government has already articulated its position on the investigation and the UN resolution in Geneva on Tuesday. That was done without seeking Parliament’s views. This resolution before Parliament is nothing more than a political gimmick,” JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake told a press conference yesterday. He said the Government had made unilateral decisions on all matters relating to international calls for accountability. “They never asked Parliament before setting up the LLRC. They never asked what to do about the LLRC recommendations. They never asked Parliament how to respond to successive resolutions in Geneva,” he charged. If the Government’s gimmick resolution offered an opportunity to restore democracy and human rights of the people, the JVP was willing to do that, the JVP Leader said. “This is why we have moved this amendment, maybe something good can come of the gimmick,” he said. Secretary General of Parliament Dhammika Dassanayake told the Daily FT that the amendment had been officially submitted by the JVP. Earlier this week nine Government MPs handed a resolution over to the Secretary General of Parliament, resolving that the UN investigation into alleged rights abuses during the war should not be conducted on the grounds that it would be detrimental to the reconciliation process and erode the sovereignty, dignity and stature of Sri Lanka.    

 Parliament Debate on UN inquiry on 17-18 June

Dates have been set for the debate on the motion on the UN inquiry in Parliament for 17 and 18 June, following the Party Leaders’ meeting held on Friday morning, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Chandima Weerakoddy said yesterday. The debate will commence at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, 17 June. “Following the debate, if required a vote on the resolution will be taken in the House,” the Deputy Speaker said. The motion was submitted to the Secretary General of Parliament Dhammika Dissanayake on Wednesday and has already been included in the Parliament Order Book.