‘Yellow for Democracy’ condemns new PM appointment; lists 6 urgent demands

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Activist movement ‘Yellow for Democracy’ has condemned the appointment of the new Prime Minister and put forward several demands requiring urgent action.

“The appointment of Ranil Wickremesinghe as PM only goes to show how the people and their voices have been and continue to be ignored and silenced. Democracy, once again, has been compromised, and personal interest once again prioritised over the will of the people,” the Yellow for Democracy (YfD) said.

It said the terms under which this appointment was approved have not been made to the people and therefore demanded transparency and accountability.

“Sri Lankan citizens have been victims of deal politics for far too long. At this unsettling time, which further puts into question the strength of our democracy, people deserve answers,” YfD said.

The list of demands are:

1. The removal of the President, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, by any means available within the Constitution by a specified date

2. Ensuring ‘no’ political interference in law and justice

3. Ensuring that citizens’ fundamental rights are not violated and respecting all citizens’ right to life

4. Complete transparency and accountability on matters critical to the country’s economic recovery

5. The repeal of the 20th Amendment by a specified date not beyond six months and the abolition of the Executive Presidency

6. Actively preventing the departure of the Rajapaksas from the country, and refraining from taking any actions that provide them unjust, unconstitutional or unlawful political protection from the law