WHO warns SL may be entering most challenging COVID-19 chapter

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  • Calls for stringent implementation of social distancing guidelines 
  • Says while vaccines are imported, virus surges have proven need for multi-pronged approach 
  • WHO and UN stand ready to provide assistance

Dr. Olivia Nieveras

World Health Organization (WHO) Officer-in-Charge Dr. Olivia Nieveras yesterday warned Sri Lanka the current COVID-19 wave may be the most challenging chapter yet of the pandemic and called for the public to practice social distancing guidelines stringently.


In a video post on twitter, Dr. Nieveras encouraged Sri Lankans to be more vigilant of practicing COVID-19 guidelines, pointing out that while vaccines were important, recent surges around the world have shown that inoculation alone cannot be a solution. 

“Globally, cases of COVID-19 have increased dramatically over the past weeks. This is the most challenging crisis the world has faced since World War II. No country has been spared, including Sri Lanka. This surge must be taken seriously. I know many of us are tired and overwhelmed because we have been fighting COVID-19 for over a year now,” she said. 

“However, the reality is that we may be entering the most challenging chapter yet. The Government, our colleagues at the Ministry of Health, and frontline workers are working tirelessly to control the pandemic.” 

Dr. Nieveras said WHO and the UN stand ready to help in any way to save lives and control the spread of the virus. 

“But the health workers, security forces and other local authorities cannot do this alone. Vaccines are a powerful tool that are key to controlling COVID-19, but recent surges around the world prove we cannot vaccinate our way out of this problem. However, we have evidence-based tools to reduce the spread.”