Thousands brave long wait for Qatar Airways Group recruitment 

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 Pic by Sameera Wijesinghe 


  • Many who were in queue blamed political system for their dire straits today
  • Appreciates Qatar Airways for considering Sri Lanka for global talent recruitment drive

Hundreds of thousands of people were seen waiting in a long stretch up the Gall Road yesterday, expecting to secure a job in the Qatar Airways Group recruitment drive.

The two-day recruitment drive of the airline concluded yesterday, where the group targeted to hire staff for its various divisions ranging from Qatar Airways, Qatar Duty-Free, Qatar Aviation Services, Qatar Airways Catering Company and Qatar Distribution Company to the Dhiafatina Hotels.

The Sri Lankan recruitment drive was part of the group’s global recruitment initiative – the biggest talent acquisition in the history of the airline industry.

Many who were in the queue said they wanted to seek the opportunities because the country has failed in their dreams for better living conditions, whilst appreciating the airline for considering Sri Lanka.

“We are qualified graduates, yet the political system in the country has failed us. Our talents and qualifications have no value in the country. Only those who have connections in the public and private sectors can get a satisfactory salary or a career that has opportunities to grow. We are extremely thankful to Qatar Airways for considering Sri Lanka for their recruitment drive,” some of the young ladies and gents told the Daily FT.

Some of the experienced people said they returned to Sri Lanka after serving in Qatar post-COVID to build a business and stay back in the country but unfortunately, the economic crisis turned their plans upside down.

“We came to be with the family after spending over 10 years in the Middle East. But there is no hope now in this current situation. To ensure good education and future for our children, we decided to go back. At a time when no one was looking at Sri Lanka to offer good employment opportunities, we are grateful for Qatar Airways,” they stressed.

Several others who were in the queue cursed the politicians for putting the people into the streets to seek jobs overseas, braving the scorching sun, despite being qualified.

“We had to learn 20 years to obtain the degree and now we are in the queue of hope to give back to our parents and families. We are in this because our policymakers never wanted to develop Sri Lanka, except for themselves. They never created equal opportunities for us, so now like how they beg for money from countries, we are also begging for job opportunities. We have no option than to looking at overseas employment,” they claimed.