Taming Tigers author calls for collaboration within private sector

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The author of the bestseller ‘Taming Tigers’ and framework architect Jim Lawless on Friday urged Sri Lankan corporates to opt for “collective collaboration” for the advancement of business and the country to demonstrate their commitment to lead.

“Individual commitment is key but collective collaboration is more important,” Jim commented at the launch of the League of Multinational Corporates (LMNC) and its business forum titled ‘Conquering the Impossible’.

Urging corporates, CEOs and business leaders to write their own unique story, Jim said everyone encounters a tiger or a challenge, and his daily mantra is “Decision, Action and Result”.

“The evolutionary force that roars at us to stop when we consider tackling the new and uncertain. If the Tiger has the pen then it, and not you, is writing your life story,” Jim said in his presentation, which kept CEOs and business leaders present at the LMNC launch engrossed. 

Jim, once an ordinary corporate executive, transformed himself to an extraordinary success. 

His remarkable story shows how his own ‘Taming Tigers’ framework can and does deliver outstanding and unique results. His ‘Ten Rules for Taming Tigers’ provide practical and proven principles to overcome the Tiger, create powerful changes and write your magnificent, unique story.

To test Taming Tigers, Jim went from overweight consultant to televised jockey in a year, and he has entered the record books as the first Briton to free dive below 100m.The Ten Rules have been used in companies from San Francisco to Bangkok, from Apple to Virgin.

The Ten Rules for Taming Tigers are

Rule 1: Act boldly today – time is limited

Rule 2: Rewrite your rulebook – challenge it hourly

Rule 3: Head in the direction of where you want to arrive, every day

Rule 4: It’s all in the mind

Rule 5: The tools for Taming Tigers are all around you

Rule 6: There is no safety in numbers

Rule 7: Do something scary – every day

Rule 8: Understand and control your time to create change

Rule 9: Create disciplines – do the basics brilliantly

Rule 10: Never, never give up!