Tamil Diaspora says will help SL pay off foreign debt of $ 52 b, if SL agrees to amicable separation

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NEW YORK, UNITED STATES/EINPresswire.com: The Tamil Diaspora will help Sri Lanka pay off its foreign debt of $ 52 billion, if Sri Lanka agrees to amicable separation.

There was a call from Sri Lankan elected leaders for help from the Tamil Diaspora for Sri Lanka’s economic crisis. 

A spokesman for Tamils for Biden had talks with various sources and devised an idea that will save Sri Lanka from economic crisis and the Tamils from Sri Lankan oppression and genocide.

Sri Lanka’s economic crisis is due to many factors. One major factor is the war and the money that Sri Lanka borrowed to buy destructive weapons. Another is the massive corruption among Government and defence department officials.

A further major reason for the crisis is the ethnic cleansing that forced most of the Tamils to quit small businesses, high tech-related jobs, manufacturing, exportation, and training, impeding Sri Lanka’s economic development, managerial efficiency, and productivity. The State sabotaged itself.

Racial discrimination in education and jobs, Government oppression, land grabbing, the many pogroms (ethnic riots), plus countless other anti-Tamil actions have forced Tamils to leave Sri Lanka. All of the past racist events led Sri Lanka to this economic crisis. It did not happen overnight. It started with the ethnic riots of 1977.

Sri Lanka has maintained 90% of its military in Tamil areas, replacing Hindu temples with Buddhist symbols that Tamils hate to see in their neighbourhoods and seizing the Tamils’ land. It all seems like Stone Age behaviour in the year 2022.

There are two million Tamils from Sri Lanka who proudly call them Eelam Tamils and live in foreign countries. Most of them are financially well-off, highly educated, and well trained and experienced in various fields.

A sovereign Tamil nation would survive without any economic trouble. Tamils will bring in highly skilled members of the diaspora to run the economy and other institutions in the sovereign Tamil Nation.

If Sri Lanka agrees to amicable separation, the Tamil diaspora is ready to sign a treaty to pay Sri Lanka’s foreign debt. 

(Source: https://www.einpresswire.com/article/574791807/the-tamil-diaspora-will-help-sri-lanka-pay-off-foreign-debt-of-52-billion-if-sri-lanka-agrees-to-amicable-separation)