Hunas announces landmark partnership with hotelier of the century Adrian Zecha

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Hunas Holding PLC Board of Directors from left: Director Toshiaki Tanaka, Chairman Dhanuka Samarasinghe, Managing Director Atheeq Ansar and Director Misako Tanaka

Hunnas Falls Hotel


  • Hunas Falls Hotel into high-end luxury hotel with villas by Zecha owned Azotels along with management rights
World famous hotelier Adrian Zecha

Hunas Holdings PLC yesterday announced a landmark partnership with Azotels, a company owned and managed by the ‘Hotelier of the Century’, Adrian Zecha.

The partnership will see Azotels developing the present Hunas Falls Hotel into a high-end luxury hotel with villas, whilst also undertaking the management of the establishment, which is guaranteed to bring it in line with the best hotels in the world.

Hunas Holdings, formerly known as Hunas Falls Hotels PLC, is a diversified conglomerate operating across five industries with a presence in hospitality and tourism, real estate, renewable energy, and tea plantations, factories and tea brokering. The Hunas Group continues to strive forward with a keen eye on sustainability, fully aware that progress and preservation goes hand in hand and that it is a testament to the unwavering vision and tireless efforts of the Hunas Holdings.

Discussing the significance and value of the partnership, Chairman Hunas Holdings Dhanuka Samarasinghe said: “This partnership is an incredible milestone for Hunas Falls Hotel as we celebrate 50 years of memories. We truly believe that Hunas Falls hotel is a beautiful asset of Sri Lanka. It will be an honour to work together with Mr. Zecha, a distinguished outlier in the hospitality industry, with over 50 years of experience, and only an ever-increasing passion for the industry.”

“At Hunas Holdings, we share a mutual vision with Mr. Zecha, in terms of working together with local communities to preserve the natural environment, culture, architecture and diversity, whilst bringing it all together in an exquisite and unforgettable experience for guests. This core ethos of harmony extends beyond our hospitality interests and is something we strive to achieve in all aspects of our business. Therefore, we couldn’t be happier to announce this partnership, and we look forward to transforming the Hunas Falls experience, guided by Mr. Zecha’s visionary insights,” Samarasinghe added.

Adrian Zecha is a true veteran, visionary and pioneer in the hospitality industry, with over five decades of experience under his belt, carrying the prestigious title of ‘Hotelier of the Century’ from Forbes Magazine, along with a string of other prestigious accolades and unique lifetime accomplishments. He is the pioneer of the luxury boutique villa concept and effortlessly intertwines natural beauty, architectural heritage, cultural diversity and environmental sustainability, seamlessly in his own unique style, through his various hotels across the world. Zecha’s portfolio of hotels, which included his uniquely popular and signature brand, Aman Resorts, are notably recognised for its award-winning designs, extraordinary levels of space and lifestyle elements and above all, for the continued seamless personal service offered to his guests.

The partnership between Hunas Holdings and Azotels underscores the exceptional value that Sri Lanka represents to the global tourism industry, and will create an ideal platform upon which the industry can build and pivot towards attracting the high-value luxury tourism segment, and repositioning Sri Lanka as a true luxury travel destination.