FTZMA condemns attack on garment factory owner in Katana, calls for an impartial investigation

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  • Demands swift action against those responsible, to uphold the rule of law produce instigators of attack into custody 
  • Calls law enforcement authorities to expedite actions to restore conducive environment for foreign investors 

Free Trade Zone Manufacturers’ Association (FTZMA) vehemently condemned the attack on the Al Obaidani Apparel Ltd., Managing Director who is an Omani national, in Halpe, Katana and called for an impartial investigation.

“On behalf of the investor, we demand actions against the culprits’ swift legal action from the officials against the culprits of the heinous and cowardly act who seemed to have been a gang of persons with direct links to a ruling-party politician representing the Gampaha District that had attacked the factory which has been operating under the purview of Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI),” a statement issued by the FTZMA noted.

It added that some of the media outlets have alleged that a well-known State Minister is seemingly connected with this assault as the attackers had operated with his blessings and the gang had raided the factory after the top management refused to lease a vehicle belonging to a close associate of the so-called State Minister. 

The factory is an SME (small and medium-sized enterprise), and employs over 300 individuals nearby, the statement noted.

The FTZMA also states that they vehemently condemn this cowardly attack and calls for an impartial investigation and legal action from the officials in charge and demand swift actions against those who were responsible for this incident without delay and calls to uphold the rule of law and produce the instigators of this attack into custody immediately.

Noting that the FTZMA is the sole representative of BOI companies in the country representing both apparel and non-apparel manufacturing companies, condemns such acts of violence and calls on law enforcement authorities to expedite the actions to restore a conducive environment for foreign investors who bring in much-needed foreign exchange into the country.

“Unfortunately, this kind of incident took place at a time the foreign investors are facing dire circumstances due to dwindling orders from their major export destination and many of the SMEs are facing closure and loss of employment. Therefore, if this kind of treacherous act goes unabated, the influx of FDIs will not happen and even the existing investors will leave for safer destinations,” the statement added.