Basil says “Kaputu kaak kaak..” is his new ringtone

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Out-going MP Basil Rajapaksa yesterday revealed that the famous chant by anti-Government protesters “Kaputu kaak kaak…Basil Basil” is his his new ringtone.

“I like my brand name, it is not a bad animal either,” said Basil in reference to Kaputa (crow). “It is my ringtone now, as it says Basil..Basil..Basil, which is my name,” he told journalists after resigning as SLPP’s National List MP.

The chant originated after he referred to crows in the Sinhala as ‘Kaputas’ speaking during an English interview. Thereafter, the anti-Government protesters at the Galle Face Green calling for a system change have formed a chant incorporating the Sinhala term and the name of former MP Basil Rajapaksa.

“I don’t hate any beings in this universe. Although I was politically victimised and various lawsuits were filed against me and served in remand custody for several months as well. However, the legal proceedings about the cases have concluded. I have been acquitted and released from all the cases, in fact, I was released from my final case last week. Thus, I have no hatred towards anyone,” Basil added.



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