Bakeer Markar tables Daily FT report as evidence of Government’s disastrous decisions 

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  • Accuses rulers of portraying positive image through media instead of addressing ground realities 
  • Says despite Government’s efforts to spread disinformation ultimate decision will be rendered by citizens 
  • Notes SL continues to witness traditional budget speeches full of slogans and fairy tales 
  • Claims decisions made without proper study or scientific analysis have led to significant loss in nation’s income

MP Imthiaz Bakeer Markar 

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Imthiaz Bakeer Markar tabled a report which appeared on the Daily FT, titled “Dr. Sharmini Coorey responds to Port City Economic Commission” in Parliament on Saturday as evidence that decisions made without proper study or scientific analysis have resulted in a substantial loss of the nation’s income.

Joining the debate on the second reading of the Budget over the weekend, Bakeer Markar noted that the country is experiencing an economic tragedy in the truest sense of the word. 

He highlighted that decisions made without proper study or scientific analysis have led to a significant loss in the nation’s income, subjecting the people to a painful and humiliating situation on the global stage.

Referring to the report on the Daily FT, the MP said Coorey who is both an advisor to the current Government and a former director of the IMF had recommended suspending, in the immediate term, the granting of tax concessions under the Port City Act and bringing any proposals for new tax concessions for approval under the Ministry of Finance while amending the Port City Act to make this a permanent feature.

“In addition to the public disclosures made by this Government advisor, these Budget proposals have not been implemented by adhering to the given instructions and correcting the mistakes made by the Government. To benefit the country, we must move beyond mere rhetoric and take substantive actions in good faith,” he said.

The MP also cautioned the Government that the citizens of the country are eagerly anticipating their turn to respond to the numerous false promises made through successive budgets.

The MP accused the rulers of portraying a positive image through mainstream media and social media, rather than addressing the actual ground realities in Sri Lanka.

“We have seen proclamations of good management and optimistic projections of the country returning to normalcy by 2048 with the backing of world leaders, even as the people expressed their hardships on the streets despite attempts to suppress them. Now, as an inevitable general election approaches, we observe a budget geared towards the elections with a change in tactics,” he remarked.

The MP asserted that despite the Government’s efforts to spread disinformation through their influence, the ultimate decision will be rendered by the people.

“We should not underestimate the intelligence of the people. The citizens of this country now fully comprehend the truth about all political leaders and forces. Those who were deceived by slogans and fairy tales are now eagerly anticipating the opportunity to respond to them,” he noted. 

“Unfortunately, we in Sri Lanka still witness mere slogans and fairy tales in the form of traditional budget speeches,” he added. The MP noted that despite talking of reaching great heights, it is clear when analysing actions and results that Sri Lanka has failed to achieve these targets.

The MP also noted that in examining the implementation of proposals from the last budget, it becomes evident that many of the presented targets have not been achieved, adding another layer to the narrative of unfulfilled promises outlined in budget speeches.