BNI Global and BNI Sri Lanka revving up success for businesses

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  • World’s largest referral networking organisation responsible for deals worth over Rs. 3.28 b during Sri Lanka’s toughest economic crisis
Visionary behind Business Network International (BNI) and hailed as the “Father of Modern Networking” Dr. Ivan Misner ( left) and BNI Sri Lanka Area Director Glenn Lord

Business Network International (BNI) the world’s largest referral networking organisation, and its Sri Lankan representative, BNI Sri Lanka, have announced their remarkable accomplishments in driving business success, during challenging times.

Through their innovative strategies and unwavering commitment to fostering professional relationships, BNI has successfully propelled entrepreneurs and businesses towards unprecedented growth and resilience.

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, where uncertainty and adversity are common, BNI has emerged as a beacon of hope for business owners, offering a proven system of referral marketing that consistently generates remarkable results. BNI’s unique approach connects business professionals across the globe, facilitating a supportive network that empowers individuals to thrive and succeed. BNI Global’s vast network spans across 76 countries and comprises more than 300,000 members.

Despite the global challenges faced in recent years, BNI has continued to achieve remarkable business growth, and the organisation’s success is reflected in the numbers. In the past year alone, BNI Global has facilitated over $ 20 billion in referral business, creating countless opportunities for entrepreneurs and enterprises to flourish.

BNI Sri Lanka in turn has played a vital role in promoting business growth and creating an environment in enabling businesses to prosper, even during challenging times. In 2020 during the height of the pandemic, BNI generated an impressive Rs. 1.6 billion worth of closed business. This success continued in 2021 with Rs. 2 billion being achieved. They reached another significant milestone by achieving Rs. 2.8 billion in 2022 during the economic crisis. Today, BNI has accomplished a remarkable Rs. 3.28 billion worth of closed business, facilitating over 19,584 referrals.

BNI’s approach to generating business success is rooted in the power of relationships. By fostering genuine connections and providing a platform for collaboration, BNI enables entrepreneurs and business professionals to expand their networks, gain valuable insights, and tap into a vast pool of opportunities. Through weekly meetings, educational programs, and networking events, BNI members gain access to the knowledge, support, and resources necessary for sustained growth and success.

BNI Sri Lanka Area Director Glenn Lord said: “We are very proud of the achievements of BNI Global and BNI Sri Lanka. Our unique referral marketing system, based on the principle of ‘givers gain,’ that involves BNI members creating a culture of collaboration and mutual support. Instead of focusing solely on their own interests, they actively seek to identify opportunities and refer business to their fellow members. 

“This dedication to supporting one another, has not only resulted in individual successes but has also positioned BNI as a driving force within the local business community, proving time and again to be a catalyst for business growth, especially during challenging times. As such, I attribute the achievements of both BNI Global and BNI Sri Lanka to the unwavering commitment of members to this philosophy.”

He further emphasised “as we continue to expand our network and empower more entrepreneurs and business professionals, we remain committed to providing the resources and support necessary for their success and to be a driving force in the local business community. We are proud of the contributions our members have made to the economy and their ability to adapt and thrive in uncertain times. Our success is a testament to the power of collaboration and the belief in the value of strong professional relationships.”

As BNI Global and BNI Sri Lanka grow and continue to revolutionise the way business is done through the power of networking, they remain steadfast in their commitment to empowering entrepreneurs, fostering economic growth, and driving business success across the globe. Through their exceptional strategies and unwavering dedication, BNI continues to be the go-to platform for business professionals seeking to achieve unprecedented growth and success for their businesses.