“Roland Debuyst: A Michelin Star Experience” a resounding success

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Chef Roland Debuyst greeting one of the guests as Galle Face Hotel General Manager Rohan Fernandopulle looks on 

 Some of the delicacies served for the guests



  • Embarking on a culinary odyssey 

Colombo recently played host to an extraordinary culinary event that captivated gastronomes and left an indelible mark on the city’s culinary landscape. Presented by 1864 Limited Edition and Mastercard, “Roland Debuyst: A Michelin Star Experience” unfolded as a gastronomic spectacle from 3 to 5 of May, offering patrons an unparalleled journey through the realms of international fine dining.

Under the expert guidance of the esteemed Chef Roland Debuyst, guests at 1864 Limited Edition were treated to an unforgettable culinary experience, transcending cultural boundaries and tantalising taste buds with a vibrant tapestry of global flavours. Chef Debuyst’s expertise, coupled with his decades-long dedication to the craft, curated an exquisite menu that captivated the senses and reaffirmed his status as a culinary icon.

“The collaboration between Chef Roland Debuyst and Chef Rukie elevated the culinary experience to new heights, showcasing the best of international fine dining right here in Colombo,” remarked Galle Face Hotel General Manager Rohan Fernandopulle. “This   event not only celebrates diversity and culinary artistry but also sets a new standard for gastronomic experiences in Sri Lanka.”

The event, hosted at the iconic Galle Face Hotel, aimed to celebrate diversity, showcase culinary artistry, and provide guests with an unrivalled dining experience in Sri Lanka. With the support of Sri Lankan Airlines as the official airline partner and Mastercard, the event exemplified a commitment to elevating Colombo’s culinary landscape. Limited seating for “Roland Debuyst at 1864” ensured an intimate setting, allowing guests to savour every moment of this gastronomic journey. The overwhelming response led to a sold-out event within a matter of days, underscoring the anticipation and excitement surrounding this exclusive culinary extravaganza. 

Director of Culinary Galle Face Hotel Chef Rukie in collaboration with Chef Roland Debuyst added an extra layer of grandeur to the 1864 Limited Edition culinary event, enriching              the culinary experience for all participants. Chef Rukie’s expertise, combined with Chef Debuyst’s culinary brilliance, created an unforgettable fusion of flavours that delighted guests and elevated the event to new heights.

But the culinary festivities didn’t end with the dining experience alone, on 6 May, the Galle Face Hotel organised a transformative workshop for aspiring chefs from the Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management and William Angliss Institute. Led by Chef Roland Debuyst and Director of Culinary Chef Rukie, alongside the visionary leadership of Galle Face Hotel General Manager Rohan Fernandopulle, and President of Bocuse d’Or Sri Lanka, the workshop provided invaluable insights and hands-on training, shaping the future of culinary   excellence in Sri Lanka.

“Roland Debuyst: A Michelin Star Experience” and the transformative workshop stand as a testament to the Galle Face Hotel’s dedication to culinary innovation and excellence. As the culinary scene in Colombo continues to evolve, events of this calibre set a new standard for gastronomic experiences in Sri Lanka.