Authentic Japanese cuisine with Chef Heenkenda at The Kingsbury

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Tenku Interior  

Chef Heenkenda 

In the pursuit of authenticity, Tenkū at The Kingsbury, Colombo, stands as the epitome of perfectly crafted Japanese cuisine. This Japanese restaurant, perched high above the city offers an unparalleled dining experience complemented by panoramic views of Colombo. 

With nearly two decades of culinary expertise, Chef Heenkenda leads Tenkū’s kitchen with a vision rooted in tradition yet propelled by innovation. His journey, shaped by mentorship under the esteemed Michelin Star Chef Eric Hunter, reflects a commitment to excellence that permeates every aspect of Tenkū’s offerings.

At the core of Tenkū’s charm lies its unwavering dedication to authenticity. Each ingredient, handpicked for its quality and freshness, serves as a testimony to Chef Heenkenda’s commitment to genuine Japanese gastronomy. From the delicate cuts of sashimi to the intricately rolled sushi, every dish at Tenkū is a masterpiece that pays homage to centuries-old techniques.

Under Chef Heenkenda’s guidance, Tenkū presents a culinary experience like no other. The menu boasts over 50 varieties of sushi and sashimi, alongside the city’s largest collection of saké, inviting guests to explore a myriad of flavours and textures. 

Furthermore, the Japanese “Taishoku” experience offers a selection of Chef Heenkenda’s signature dishes thoughtfully curated to tantalise the palate. Beyond the exquisite fare, Tenkū invites guests to indulge in a modern interpretation of Japanese High Tea, where fragrant teas and savouries harmonise amidst the restaurant’s serene ambience.

With Chef Heen-kenda at the helm, every visit to Tenkū transcends mere dining and becomes an odyssey through Japan’s rich culinary heritage. Whether a seasoned sushi connoisseur or a newcomer to Japanese cuisine, guests are invited to savour each moment, as Chef Heenkenda transforms every dish into a masterpiece to be remembered.