Amana Takaful unveils Sri Lanka’s first insurance web portal

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Amana Takaful recently made history in the Sri Lankan insurance industry by launching a web portal that is meant to empower its customers and prospective clientele. The launch event took place in the presence of a select number of Amana Takaful Life clients who registered their accounts symbolising the launch of the portal.

“Amana Takaful Online Services is a one-of-a-kind e-portal that enables multiple stakeholders of Amana Takaful to be able to access their details online. If it’s a policy holder, he can log in and view his policy payment history and current information, intimate a claim, upload claim documents and endorsement information as well as make payment. In case of hospitalisation covers, he can also view the claims history and past endorsements etc.,” said M.S.M. Muhajir, Senior Manager Information Technology, Amana Takaful PLC

“Meanwhile, agents can view their personal information, policies managed by them and messages sent to them by their managers. Basically, the web portal offers an interactive secure environment with real time capabilities and offline functions,” added Muhajir, pointing out that registrations were now possible through the company website,

Amana Takaful Online Services is presently operational to service the Life portfolio and will be further expanded. “For the time being, this solution has been implemented for Amana Takaful Life customers. We hope to develop this technology further to service our discerning General Takaful clientele,” he added.

Another key feature of the portal is its ability to link business partners such as agents. “The portal provides agents a way to do business anywhere, anytime. Agents can login and use their portal to upload and download information, exchange data, and view reports. This insurance portal also enhances the agent experience and gives them a convenient means of quoting, reporting, and customer documentation,” said Muhajir.

Aashiq Aminuddin, Manager Marketing of Amana Takaful, said: “The demands of customers have increased greatly and more have access to the internet not only on PC’s but also on mobiles as well. We believe the development of the web portal at this juncture is opportune as it prepares us adequately to serve the future generation that will be more internet savvy. Moreover, we have many clients who are working or resident overseas, who will be greatly enabled by this service.”

Amana Takaful in its endeavour to be ethical and environmentally friendly has been following a path of conversion to use less paper as much as possible. As such the aid of SMS and email based receipting, reminders and communication is sought to move towards being paperless. The web portal is another step towards this goal.

Amana Takaful insurance is the Sri Lankan pioneer and flag bearer of the Takaful way of insurance that redefines how insurance is carried out. Takaful is a refreshingly unique concept of risk management that is based on mutual and collective efforts of customers to safeguard their individual and combined risks. As such they become joint owners of the fund and the beneficiaries of any underwriting profit/ surplus that is made.

Amana Takaful has been operating for more than 10 years and has a licensed full-fledged operation in the Maldives.