Pan Asia Bank to refresh values of unity and harmony via ‘Aththama’

Thursday, 4 March 2021 00:51 -     - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}

The qualities of care, concern, of coming together to help each without expecting anything in return was the hallmark of the bygone era when people’s lives were more serene. In Sri Lankan culture, a true microcosm for an ideal and harmonious society, people rallied around each other selflessly – offering their services to others, with the entire community coming together as an extended family to help each other in times of need. 

The noble objective of these people was to be of help and to support their neighbours to overcome challenges without expecting anything in return. This fascinating concept, called ‘Aththama,’ is enshrined in the values of all Sri Lankans – and Pan Asia Bank, as The Truly Sri Lankan Bank, is now breathing life into this concept by reviving this warm and generous tradition of helping each other in society. When people experience difficulties and financial constraints, this concept of ‘Aththama’ comes to their help, symbolising unity and emotional bonds that go beyond family. 

Refreshing these ancient values of harmony, unity and selfless held as The Truly Sri Lankan Bank, Pan Asia Bank has taken on the mantle of gently reminding people of these age-old values which are much-needed in today’s world, when many people are struggling with the pressures of daily life and need a helping hand. More than ever today, people need to come together to help each other as a family, is the message Pan Asia Bank wants to convey as it highlights traditional Sri Lankan values.

As the Truly Sri Lankan Bank, Pan Asia Bank is acutely aware of the needs of the people, both at the grassroots and at the top of the economic pyramid – and has always devised banking products and solutions that address their concerns and fulfill their aspirations. Determined to live up to it brand promise of being the Truly Sri Lankan Bank, Pan Asia Bank is poised to launch a product that reflects the spirit of ‘Aththama’ – help, cooperation and unity, when people need it the most and which pulls them out of hopelessness into a new dawn.