PLC employees launch nationwide marketing promotional campaign

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  • Monumental one-day program under slogan ‘Himithena Palamu Thena Rata Hemathena’

People’s Leasing & Finance PLC, the leading non-bank finance sector company in Sri Lanka, conducted an integrative sales promotional campaign through its nationwide branch network under the energetic slogan ‘Himithena Palamu Thena Rata Hemathena’. 

PLC CEO/GM Sabri Ibrahim, along with senior management and over 2,500 employees from all 200 nationwide branches participated in this monumental one-day campaign. 

The door-to-door campaign saw employees in PLC attire teaming up to create synergy in sales. Each team was led by a sales promotional officer and comprised of 10 members from each branch. The teams campaigned in their respective locations to create awareness of PLC’s innovative financial products and unique benefits.  

The campaign’s primary focus was to introduce PLC’s new financial products with the vision of attracting new customers while retaining existing ones. The campaigning teams provided solutions to households right on their doorsteps based on each financial situation. 

The integrated campaign platform emphasised four key areas: vehicle leasing, vehicle loans, three-wheeler leasing, and business loans. 

A key product introduction under vehicle leasing/loans was the facility of paying the leasing capital in instalments – a first in industry offered by PLC. Other attractive facilities included convenient, individualised loan instalment plans, and facilities for payment within a seven-year period. An exciting raffle draw for 25 monthly winners for a fuel quota of Rs. 100,000 within a year was also announced. 

A popular and innovative package in the three-wheeler leasing category included facilities for releasing approved funds within three hours, free insurance for the first year, three free tires, and gifts worth Rs. 8,000 with a free vehicle service. 

Flexible business loan features included both short and long-term loans, paying the lease amount in instalments, matching repayment capacity with the nature of the business, the ability to use fixed assets and vehicles as security, and optimising the loan amount based on the nature of security used. 

The success of the campaign was instantly measureable as many new customers were enrolled on the spot. 

Sabri Ibrahim expressed that ‘Himithena Palamu Thena Rata Hemathena’ was a successful promotional campaign that highlighted PLC’s innovative products, focusing on both potential and existing customers: “Our core objective was to create awareness among PLC customers and potential customers of PLC’s newest and innovative financial products. Further, we focused on facilitating towards overcoming obstacles whilst transacting. Within the campaign, we witnessed a significant number of potential customers converting to obtain leasing and loan facilities from PLC.”