TEDx Zahira College offers a platform for Sri Lankan youth to shine

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Spa Ceylon Co-Founder Shalin Balasuriya

Entrepreneur and product specialist Jehan Wijesinghe

Pick a Book Co-Founder Ragulan Tharmakulasingam

Youngest marine biologist and SL-Shark Kids Founder Alosha Samamaraarchchi

Student and innovator Yusuf Jasny

Student Harun Rishard

Happening on 27 November, TEDx Zahira College aims to serve as a platform for the youth of Sri Lanka to showcase their talent and ideas. The youth of the nation is its future mind and leaders that will drive organisations and communities forward. It’s an initiative undertaken by the Zahira College Old Boys’ Association (OBA) to extend ideas worth spreading to the youth of Sri Lanka under the TED format. Taking place virtually on Zoom, the event is open for all to attend and tickets are now available at tedxzahiracollege.com.

TEDx is a program of local, self-organised events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At TEDx Zahira College, participants will witness TED Talks videos and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. Held under the theme of The Ripple Effect of Revolution, the event will feature speakers from different walks of life touching on the power of youth to change the world. 

Elaborating on the theme, Azeem Saheer of the TEDx Zahira College organising team said: “Imagine a quiet and calm pool of water – it  normally would never be associated with power. But a single drop can create a powerful ripple. Likewise, a single person can create hope and change across the entire globe, revolutionising it in the process. The theme of TEDx Zahira College wishes to spark an actionable understanding of how small acts can create a big impact. Together, Sri Lanka will rise to meet the most progressive thought-leaders, while slowing down our pace to share in the present moment.” TEDx Zahira College will feature six speakers touching on various topics around this theme. The list of speakers includes famed local entrepreneurs Spa Ceylon Co-Founder Shalin Balasuriya, Pick a Book Co-Founder Ragulan Tharmakulasingam and entrepreneur and product specialist Jehan Wijesinghe. Speaking alongside them are three talented youths who are among the youngest TEDx speakers in Sri Lanka to date. These talented youths are Sri Lanka’s youngest marine biologist and Founder of SL-Shark Kids, Alosha Samamaraarchchi, a student and pet lover, Harun Rishard, and a student innovator passionate about solving community problems, Yusuf Jasny.  “Globally, TEDx events are incredibly appealing as a platform for cutting-edge and progressive ideas,” says Safra Anver, TEDxColombo licensee. “Similarly, TEDxZahiraCollege presents carefully curated speakers who have developed perspectives and actioned upon ideas that can genuinely change future generations of Sri Lankans—and in extension the world—for the better. Hopefully, this will empower communities to gain inspiration and unleash new ideas into the world.”

With a combination of both young and experienced speakers, TEDx Zahira College is a platform where powerful ideas can spread to inspire the youth of Sri Lanka to create the change they wish to see in the world. Thus, setting the stage for the future generation of innovators and changemakers that’ll help build a better future for their communities and the nation. Tickets for TEDx Zahira College are available now for purchase on the official website at tedxzahiracollege.com.