Royal Edu Consultants opens new doors in Canada for students

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Royal Edu Consultants Chairman/Managing Director M.D. Ajantha (right) with Navitas Area Manager Sri Lanka Bodini Molligoda


Navitas being one of the most influential leaders in global higher education, is an organisation that reinvented the industry through its own innovative university partnership model. It has been aiding students in achieving their education goals since its inception in the year 1976. 

It represents a multitude of universities and colleges including some of the most coveted and sought-after institutions around the world (over 120 colleges and campuses) providing students the opportunity to study in Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Its core purpose is transforming lives through education. It is passionate about learner outcomes, creating employment opportunities through lifelong learning and being a global leader in delivering better learning solutions. Navitas is thus known to be one of the major founding global education providers that helps learners educate themselves. 

Royal Edu Consultants aims to provide students with the vast opportunities of studying and educating themselves in well-reputed universities. It caters to both the national and international school students who do not have the opportunity to enter or have decided against entering local state universities. It also looks to aid students who either have just finished their Ordinary Level Examinations or their Advanced Level Examinations as it is greatly able to provide a variety of options to these students. For O/Level students it provides the option of transferring; they are able to go to well-reputed colleges and transfer to the university after finishing the foundation course. To those students who are unable to enter into national universities they have a plethora of universities abroad where these students can branch out and explore myriad avenues of learning. 

Royal Edu Consultants has finally signed over a contract with the leading education provider Navitas to be able to increase their number of opportunities that it can provide students with. Royal Edu Consultants now represents two of the most reputed institutions in Canada; the International College Of Manitoba (ICM) alongside their University, the University of Manitoba and they also represent Fraser International College (FIC) as well as their university, the Simon Fraser University. This opens multiple doors for students as they get a chance to experience life at the college as well in the university; each of these two colleges allows students to transfer to the main university after completing a year of studies at the college (University Transfer Program I & II); thus they are able to directly transfer to university to continue studying the second year subjects.

An added advantage is that both colleges are within the university premises, which allows students to experience the university culture by simply studying at the colleges. Students with basic Advanced Level results as well as basic IELTS results are also given an opportunity to study at these colleges, which is a great advantage as despite their basic results they are still given the option of educating themselves at such high ranked institutions. These two universities also give students a chance to work real-time on the particular field they are studying; this is known as the Co-op program; this is a component of their course that generally takes place either during the third year or fourth year. This enables students to gain work experience and is a paid industrial training program in their particular field of interest. 

Considering the location of these universities, they are both in Canada, which is seen to be an extremely safe country with a lot of employment opportunities, PR options, and work permits; students can therefore live an affordable and quality lifestyle. And when looking at the specific cities the two universities are located Simon Fraser University which is in Vancouver, one of the most thriving and liveable cities in the world; the culture and the experiences made are simply unforgettable and as for Winnipeg, which is where the University Of Manitoba is located, it is a multicultural city which has a vast historic background and has a variety of popular industries such as agriculture, agribusiness, logistics, information and communications technologies. 

To contact Royal Edu Consultants you can find it on Facebook or on Instagram or on its website ( or call on 0773540544 for a free consultation.