‘Wasa-Wisa Nathi Marina Muluthangeya’ opened at Sri Sambodhi Viharaya premises

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Marina, which has introduced over 50 hygienically-prepared food items including ‘Marina Coconut Oil,’ recently opened a stall selling organic agro-products such as vegetables, fruits, grains and spices at the Sri Sambodhi Viharaya premises, Colombo. This sales stall is named the ‘Wasa Wisa Nathi Marina Muluthangeya’. Organic agro products are produced completely naturally without using chemical fertiliser, insecticides, weedicides and other chemicals to soil, seeds or harvest which are harmful to the human body in varying degrees. Speaking on the opening of the ‘Wasa Wisa Nathi Marina Muluthangeya,’ NMK Group of Companies Chairman Manjula Narayana said: “The objective of the NMK Group of Companies is to assist in the development of a healthy, strong Sri Lankan nation through the provision of hygienic food products of highest standard. Some time ago, President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Chief Incumbent of the Sambhodhi Viharaya, Colombo, the Most Venerable Daranagama Kusaladhamma Thero, initiated a weekly fair on Sundays selling only organic agro products. The fair received high response. However the fair was a weekly fair and difficulties arose in continuing it. At that moment, as per the request of the Most Venerable Daranagama Kusaladhamma Thero, we decided to open this ‘Wasa Wisa Nathi Marina Muluthangeya’. It suits our main objective optimally. At present we have introduced many organic products manufactured without using poisonous chemicals including coconut oil under the ‘Marina’ brand. But, if people persist in consuming non-organic food products, our objective is not fully realised. That is why we opened the ‘Wasa Wisa Nathi Marina Muluthangeya’.” Cherebium Lanka Ltd. Head of Sales and Marketing Denzil Perera explained: “The ‘Wasa Wisa Nathi Marina Muluthangeya’ is open seven days a week. It has organically produced vegetables, fruits, spices, grains and oil. We are working on adding many products useful to the customers such as Marina Coconut Oil, Marina Virgin Coconut Oil and Marina Light to this sales stall. We are bringing the merchandise for the ‘Wasa Wisa Nathi Marina Muluthangeya’ from far-flung provinces.