Lifebouy shampoo triggers outpour of tributes on Mother’s Day

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Lifebouy shampoo together with Shree FM marked International Mother’s Day by inviting their listeners to pay a heartfelt tribute to their mothers on their special day. Listeners were requested to send in their thoughts on how they felt about their mothers on the Shree FM morning show. While the thoughts and wishes for their mothers from listeners poured into the station, the most unique and creative sentiments/comments were presented gold pendants in addition to other complementary gifts. Malmi Madara from Kamburupitiya, Matara whose sentiments were judged as one of the best said: “A mother’s love is unconditional. I love my mother so much. I didn’t participate in this show to win but I saw it as an opportunity for me to word out how special my mother is to me.” Venuri Nimanthika from Horana who received a gold pendent for her touching and creative thoughts about her mother said: “I wanted to let my mother know how much I love her and how lucky I am to have her as my mother. I’m grateful for this opportunity and I’m glad I won, even though it’s not the reason I took part in this show.” As part of Mother’s Day, Lifebouy shampoo actively engaged celebrities and their daughters in a series of TV talk shows that highlighted the mother-daughter bond and nurturance they share. Lifebouy shampoo also released the song ‘Senehebara Yeheliya’ especially composed as a tribute for mothers on their special day. The song was broadcast island-wide throughout Mother’s Day. The song Sehenebara Yeheliya is now available on Youtube and on the website. Every mother wishes her daughter to have long and beautiful hair that can enhance her looks. Lifebouy shampoo is rich in milk proteins that support the growth of healthy hair. Protein properties also prevent hair breakage while keeping it moist and nourished. With wholesome ingredients and a strong brand promise of long and strong hair, Lifebouy shampoo has been winning over consumer trust over the years. Today, it has become the most preferred hair care brand among mothers and daughters because of its packed protein nutrients. Lifebouy Shampoo Brand Manager Milinda Weerasinghe said that the brand has been in the market for over a decade. “Lifebouy shampoo is built on consumer trust and brand loyalty. Mother’s Day was the perfect occasion for a trusted brand like Lifebouy Shampoo to bring out that special bond between mothers and daughters which also mirrors the same brand qualities of nurturance in Lifebouy shampoo,” Weerasinghe said.