Delmege supports Safe Bottle Lamp project

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Delmege, a leading corporate, extended its support to a renowned project that addresses what truly is a ‘burning issue’ in many parts of Sri Lanka, particularly in rural areas: Dr. Wijaya Godakumbura’s ‘Safe Bottle Lamp’ Project.

“Delmege is conscious of the role that a corporate has to play in society and we have sponsored a variety of causes, as part of the Group’s CSR initiative. We understand from Dr. Godakumbura that his project is one that has saved a number of lives and his lamps have been approved by the WHO, UNICEF, International Society for Burn Injuries, National Committee for Prevention of Injuries, the Sri Lanka Medical Association and many other such associations. Therefore we are pleased to be associated with such a life saving project,” said Chairman Delmege Group, F.G.N. Mendis.

Delmege will make available 30,000 lamps over a period, as part of its CSR initiative.

“Burns are the most devastating form of injury a person could sustain, and expect to live through. Kerosene burns are extremely common in countries in Asia and Africa, such as ours where there is a widespread use of kerosene for lighting as well as cooking purposes,” said Dr. Godakumbura, pointing out that only 82% of families in Sri Lanka have electricity, while in four districts it drops to below 60%.

“Many people use makeshift, unsafe lamps out of burnt-out bulbs and bottles which tip over easily, causing extensive burns, which result in excruciating pain and much scarring, sometimes with blindness and loss of fingers. Those with severe burns die. We launched our campaign in 1992 and have so far replaced 800,000 unsafe lamps with our safe lamp,” he added.

Dr. Godakumbura, who is the recipient of several international awards including the Rolex Award, the Readers Digest Award and the Lindbergh Award, was also recently awarded the World Challenge Award.

“We have received a great deal of international acclaim and as a result Sri Lanka too has benefited,” he said.

Dr Godakumbura said that the Safe Bottle Lamp Project was arguably the most internationally-acclaimed Sri Lankan project and he was indebted to the Delmege Group for having volunteered to support this project.