Why don’t I join the new governance which is made out of public opinion?

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By Dr. Harsha De Silva

What is the reason I am not cooperating with the new government which is formed by avoiding the power of the United People?

Making this explanation because many are questioning why I’m not joining the new regime that is going to form against the public opinion. Here, it should be briefly mentioned how the current economic and political crisis occurred. One of the main reasons for this crisis is the disgusting political culture in this country and the ignorant decisions and brutality of the current Gota Government. 

Rather than thinking about the country, an economic plan and a policy, the game of politics of power and privilege is now the country’s political culture. There’s nothing to waste this power by telling different stories in the way of transferring floors. 

I became a politician not because I had no job. My aim is to contribute my maximum to make Sri Lanka a shining country in the world someday. I think there’s a more golden opportunity for this than ever. The younger generation is standing by breaking conservative political slaves. 

They demand a political culture that truly loves the country without fraud, corruption and political deals. This is a revolutionary twist in our social system. I strongly believe that through this we can turn this country into a fresh path and win the country. This is why I can’t betray this wave of people with my conscience. I received many requests to become the finance minister but I didn’t obey it. 

People are not asking for this kind of political game. I would rather go home than get posts in a government that tries to protect the power of a family, protect their future, and satisfy the power greedy. What the President should do is give the chance to the change the people wish for who can truly improve the country. 

We discussed that and the President didn’t agree with them. I strongly think the only thing to do is to explode the power camps that the people rejected is to protect them. That’s why I stand on the side of the people rejecting the posts of ‘Ahindas’ government which has no program, no economic vision, and tried to protect the power of a small group.

I am never ready to betray policies for personal gain. The people of the whole country are requesting Gotabaya Rajapaksa without any party, race, religion differences and those struggles cannot be undertaken by these political deals.

I will come forward to be a part of the mass wave that will defeat these thieves together in the future. Let’s save the country from political games and build a good country.

Let me make this clear as many are questioning why I am not joining the new government that is formed against the will of the people. 

First I summarise what the reason for the current problem is. The main reason for this situation is the worst political culture seen in this country. 

The current Sri Lankan politics is based on the ignorance of the country, the desire for power and the passion for gifts. Their hobby is to conquer power by telling different stories.

I came to politics not because I don’t have a job. My aim is to give my full contribution to make Sri Lanka a shining star in this world. This is a great opportunity for that. Youths are trying to create a new political culture. 

They expect a very neat political culture. I can never act against it. Many parties have requested me to be sworn in as Finance Minister. I don’t accept them. People are not expecting this kind of political game. 

It is better to go home than to engage in politics to protect a family. The President’s decision should have been to give place to the people of the country. Even though we had negotiations with the President several times, they didn’t win. 

Today’s need is to choose the bureaucracy which was ignored by the people rather than protecting it. I’m never willing to give up on policy for personal gain. Today everyone is asking the President to resign. 

It cannot be hidden for political self-profit. Let us save the country from self-profit politics and build a holy country.

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