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It is a known fact that successive governments did not mete out justice for the atrocities committed by the previously elected rulers. It would be more accurate to say that in some instances though legal action was initiated, it has been either thrust into temporary cold storage or totally dismissed making a mockery of the Rule of Law. Therefore, we cannot expect any meaningful steps being taken to expose the rampant corruption and other acts of despicable governance in the past. The incumbent regime, headed by a President who is dependent on these Members of Parliament, (MPs) rejected by the people, will not under any circumstances wish to lose their support. It is evident, therefore, that the President is not pursuing or directing action against those MPs who voted in favour of his Presidency.

The only solution staring at us right in the face is to expunge the vast majority of the MPs now hugely unpopular with the masses. At a ballot, the masses will do so if there is a leader they respect who will come forward to turn the page and bring about a total system change. This raises the question, are we being ruled democratically? Certainly not, is the answer. Not only is an election that is due is being sidestepped, any form of serious protests against the Government is also curtailed in order to minimise the show of strength and stifle the voice of dissent.

This brings us to the all-important question - Are the President, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet of Ministers and other government ministries and departments interested in salvaging our battered nation from the throes of hell and usher in prosperity? Uniting the races, increasing production and exports, promoting investment and tourism, building an ethical society, alleviating poverty and providing an even playing field for every Sri Lankan  - are these happening to its true potential ? Again, in most cases, definitely not.

How then do we create an opportunity to cure all our ills?

The answer very emphatically is to let the democratic process function. Announce an election, be it Local Government, Provincial or Presidential.

In supporting a Presidential candidate the voter has to consider many factors before ticking a box. Firstly, do we want the same corrupt, temperamental political climate that prevails at present? Do we want lawmakers supported by drug barons or bought over by the heavyweights in the major political parties?

Is the legal process in place and functional to mete out justice to the corrupt rulers?

Are all important educational reforms being introduced? For example: Teaching Ethics as the most important subject for children between ages  2 and 7, the common medium of instruction to be English which will bring about ripple effects of positivity and progress, and vocational training for every school dropout.

Does the present administration have think tanks of top rung professionals laying down policy for implementation? Are we increasing production and exports? Are we exploiting our natural resources? Are we luring top international investment?

It is speculated that there will be more than two Presidential aspirants in the fray at the next Presidential election. The destiny of the country would be at stake at this crucial election and it’s the voter who has the responsibility to elect the most suitable candidate. It must also be emphasised that our voter can easily be mesmerised with forceful speeches and lured by promises at these torrid times.

Hence, it is important to lay bare to the voter the actual facts we are faced with as a bankrupt country at the mercy of international support and the transformation that can take place by electing a benevolent leader.

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