New scariant and pandemic follies

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Virologists keep telling us travel bans don’t work with airborne viruses. They do however engender unproductive panic, agitate the markets, and frighten people pointlessly into bouts of paralysis – Pic by Shehan Gunasekara



This ‘alert’ comes from the same people and institutions that spawned the last COVID scare, and the one prior, and the one prior, dating all the way back to the dawn of hysteria.

This variant, ‘Nu’ until a few days ago, ‘Omicron’ now, has been detected in South Africa and Botswana. Statistically a non-event with over 100,000 mutations of the coronavirus and we don’t know what we don’t know.

In Botswana it was located in the body of fully vaccinated people! Ergo, urging people to rush to get vaccinated seems unhinged. There were virtually no lab confirmed cases. PCR tests are notoriously fickle, and a surge in ‘cases’ (really positive tests) are not grounds for any panic, as the mortality needle is the real issue. The UK has flatlined COVID related deaths for months, while continuing to have 30,000+ daily ‘cases’ and more.

Virologists keep telling us travel bans don’t work with airborne viruses. They do however engender unproductive panic, agitate the markets, and frighten people pointlessly into bouts of paralysis.

This partially emanates from the disgraced, corrupted modelling that proselytised pointless destructive ‘lockdowns’ to the world, Imperial College in the UK. Their modelling has been consistently shoddy, and their passion for fomenting the insanity of totalitarian measures in response to their faulty narrative creations is disquieting.

Channelled via Tom Peacock, a postdoc at Imperial College, asserting a “really awful Spike mutation profile”. Really awful, given 10 cases at the time of this declaration.

Coupled with ‘Peacock’s preening’ an obscure scientist in South Africa jumped on the bandwagon. Affiliated with a failed university (KwaZulu-Natal), he has proclaimed his new discovery and partial mapping of the new variant. He confesses he has no idea if it will be more dangerous, but why let that inhibit capsizing a ravaged economy, while petitioning Gates and Bezos to financially rescue the country?

Before this alarmist, was a South African doctor who ‘alerted’ the scientific community to B.1.1.529 the once ‘Nu’ now ‘Omicron’. But she now is seeking to dial back the reflexive panic porn. She describes the symptoms as “unusual but mild”. Ye gads, and flights cancelled, economies compromised, the halfwits running New York State declaring a ‘state of emergency’ without one single ‘case’ in the entire State then, on the basis of this? 

WHO is worried about the number of mutations and the ability to bypass ‘vaccines’. Since Delta already did so essentially, and likely so will future variants, this is primarily a cover up for the parody of ‘vaccination’ these therapeutics actually represent. Dr. Angelique Coetzee saw an influx of patients in her practice in Pretoria with “symptoms that did not make immediate sense.” She is also chairwoman of the South African Medical Association and described these as “intense fatigue” and a high pulse rate in younger patients, but without the hallmark C-19 loss of taste or smell. 

“We had one very interesting case, a kid about six years old, with a temperature and a very high pulse rate…but when I followed up two days later, she was so much better.” Sounds like grounds for global upheaval and paralysis, doesn’t it? She has also explained: “It presents mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well.” She has confirmed all her patients are healthy! And her “concern” was older people with comorbidities. She of course curiously adds that those who are ‘unvaccinated’ in that demographic are of particular concern.

‘Science’ to the rescue once more!  Travel bans imposed, and critically needed South African tourism revenue will be a casualty if the panic narrative isn’t restrained. While nothing has happened other than a few announcements, the cry for imposing restrictions on the ‘unvaccinated’ rings out even when the precise reason for concern is that ‘vaccines’ won’t help with ‘OmiUltron,’ just as they flailed against Delta, as they are the equivalent of last year’s flu shot. So, whatever you do, creating a ‘vaccination dividing line’ doesn’t make sense. Is the theory that while ‘vaccines’ have not stopped spread in Germany, Singapore, the UK, they somehow will in South Africa?

Again, the Botswana discovery came from fully vaccinated travellers, and in the last one month there have been zero COVID related deaths in Botswana! How terrifying is that? It is also very likely ‘vaccinations’ are empowering mutations, as the virus will seek evolution that bypasses the nature of spike protein resistance fielded by the ‘vaccines’. Since Africa has had no COVID crisis, and only more of a showing where there is greater vaccination, running the risk of viral breakthrough for the dubious benefits of ‘the jab’ makes no sense.

These fear mongers should have little credibility with you. There are ample treatment options they suppress, for which there is no rational downside. Easy to test and to demonstrate. And these have overwhelming success rates in India, Indonesia, Mexico, now Japan, parts of the US and so many other parts of the globe. So, by what right is oppression demanded for experimental treatments with incomplete safety data and adverse effects galore and which everyone admits don’t stop spread? Why assume there is some secret trove of scientific validation ‘they’ possess that you don’t? They certainly would have shared it by now to better facilitate compliance.

Let’s exercise responsible citizenship, ask for facts, observe the mortality needle, demand the right to use treatments with impeccable safety profiles, trust to the long-term benefits of natural immunity, and refuse to enable the gulags and wastelands these panic purveyors keep peddling.

Breaking news: the first case identified in the US 30/11, fully vaccinated, mild symptoms, again recovering without undue fuss within a few days. Our ‘magnitude meter’ is seriously warped!

WHO gets it right at last!

It is a rare delight to find myself enthusiastically agreeing with the WHO, but our commitment has to be data, science and sanity and not vapid models, dogma and reality-detached panic. 

WHO has demanded that nations drop their knee-jerk international travel restrictions after reports from South Africa indicate that the dread ‘Omicron’ is mild and certainly less lethal than Delta (though it is dispiriting that nations are so mindlessly Pavlovian at any mention of a new ‘scariant’ asserted by someone to be the “worst ever”).  This scariant has been appearing in ‘vaccinated’ people as outlined above, as we are ‘stressing’ the virus to find evasive manoeuvres, as virologists had warned would happen with mass vaccination in the midst of a pandemic.

South Africa has also not experienced an increase in COVID deaths since this ‘outburst’ of panic posing as an ‘outbreak’. WHO confirms this assessment as do its coterie of officially sanctioned ‘experts’. Ergo, WHO called for countries to dial back these travel restrictions. In fact, there have been no reports of hospitalisations or deaths as a result of anyone being diagnosed by this to date. Japan, a model of pandemic success on so many fronts, but prone to panic with the best of them, had dashed to ban foreign travellers to Japan. It has now, a day later, having WHO read the data on their behalf, withdrawn that, and so the world teeters at least slightly back towards sanity.

And so it has gone

You see, it is not this or that mutation, it is how we have all been coded to over-react, to destroy economies and lives and freedoms over an uncorroborated claim of some flash of something ‘COVID related’. That’s the real virus, the true pathogen we have to destroy.

In his wonderful new book ‘Pandemia,’ counter-journalist Alex Berenson (once of the NY Times before it became a less thoughtful exponent of orthodox Covidian dogma), writes: “This is the true story of how media hysteria, political partisanship, overreliance on unproven technology, and scientific illiteracy brought the United States and the world to the brink of breakdown.”

Yes, a story of the meltdown of civil liberties, the kidnapping of childhood and education, the demolition of small businesses. Public health metastasised into ‘big business’ peddling inaccurate PCR tests, shovelling cloth masks that protect no one, refusing to transparently share the obvious hazards of a radical new biotechnology whose shots we forced on tens and then hundreds of millions, rigging data, reinterpreting adverse effects as they mushroomed, censoring highly credentialed people who raised questions about them. 

And remember we are addressing a virus that cannot be anywhere in the same constellation of concern as the Spanish Flu (50 million dead, one third of a far less populous world infected) or Ebola (50% fatality rate versus 0.5% globally for C-19), of less risk to young children than influenza, and one even with well ‘massaged’ death certificates is purported to have killed only slightly more people worldwide than diarrhoea or Alzheimer’s in 2020 (and these got no such ‘assist’).

Our response to this pandemic circus has been mass gullibility. And so I cheered the afore-mentioned Alex Berenson when back in April 2020 he said: ‘Against hysteria, satire. Against storytelling, data. Against groupthink, reporting. Against authoritarianism, bravery. Most of all: against millennialism, realism. And hope.’ 

Yes, we need these tonics! For the madness migrates. The US, thanks to the bravery of States like Florida who demonstrated the lie of lockdowns may be past that grotesque self-destructive invasion of autonomy, but Australia and New Zealand, show how these can become embedded in the fabric of your society, and these fixations can corrode your identity and your liberty.

Even in the US, if widescale ‘lockdowns’ are unlikely, there are ‘spasms’ state by state: social distancing, mask requirements (breathing freely being optional), school closings, bans on indoor dining, constantly testing college students, travel restrictions, quarantining those without symptoms (once called ‘healthy’), and now ‘vaccine’ mandates. Despite the enormous absurdity of some of these, the outright manipulating of paradigms and known facts of others and the exceptional cost, they have failed to stifle a pandemic of ‘testing’ by a non-diagnostic test and treatment via ‘therapeutics’ posing as vaccines that don’t stop reinfection or spread. 

At what cost this viral theatre, the emotional and psychic toll, especially on the young – stunted lives and educations? The attempted and achieved suicides and addiction surges are terrifying, especially amongst the young at virtually zero risk from this viral hobgoblin. 

And when we consider the damage, we reflect at the slippery slope we have been skidding down. This pandemic over-reaction could not have happened in the past or possibly been sustained. Remote work was now possible. We could pretend students could ‘learn’ on their computers, thought it turns out they really couldn’t, and clearly didn’t. We have database software that enables hospitals and health departments to aggregate ‘information’ so we can publicise positive tests posing as ‘cases’ and ‘deaths’ (with multiple comorbidities most often) incessantly. 

If we stopped manically testing, focused on the symptomatic, and provided the clearly efficacious early treatments that have had spellbinding impact, no one would know there was anything unusual in the world today (Japan most recently brought ivermectin into the medical mainstream, indicating they are getting off the pharmaceutical ‘unmerry’ go round). 

So, a la PCR, when we multiply a viral fragment a trillion times, we have people flashing ‘positive’ who will never be sick and aren’t remotely infectious. So, we lock up the healthy and symptomless and call it ‘medicine’ retarding millennia of immunological experience. Our tragic ‘magic’ of digitally providing lifelines for the well-off has rendered us insane. As long as less well-off people are not ‘locked down’ and can deliver lattes and toys and diversions and meals to those with greater means, who are more infatuated with promises of biological survival rather than ‘life,’ the pretence can continue. 

Over-testing healthy people is called ‘the medical cascade’. An unusual result leads to tests. Those tests lead to ‘elective’ surgeries or lifelong drug protocols, even for those with nominal or no symptoms. The financial incentives are there. The US in particular has the most expensive, dysfunctional and ineffective (in terms of health outcomes) medical system in the world. Americans spend $ 3.6 trillion (up from $235 billion, the 1960 figure adjusted for inflation) on health care, a 15-fold increase in less than sixty years after accounting for inflation. It is almost 20% of the spending of the national economy, more than energy and real estate combined! Shouldn’t all our medical ‘breakthroughs’ have made us healthier?

Other rich countries aren’t as egregious, but the trend towards over-medicalising society is evident. Hospitals are vectors for spreading disease, and certainly played a pivotal role in COVID spread. And given the shocking number of adverse effects, unexplained spike of deaths from other causes, myocarditis swelling in youth, and unknown medium to long term impact, our best-case scenario is that Pfizer, Moderna, and their unsavoury kin, will rack up shockingly high profits from this gross debasement of ‘public health’.

‘Vaccine’ booster shots will reveal themselves increasingly as the charade they are, the waning efficacy of the vaccines will continue to slide towards zero, and we will finally hit enough natural immunity to just let C-19 and its variants be ‘endemic’ (as they would have in the first six months without financial bail-out agendas and had we acted ‘sanely’ as per all the published public health playbooks for dealing with viral outbreaks to that time). 

The other option doesn’t bear thinking about, but what does bear thinking about is how to remove the cobwebs from our addled wits.

Beware a statistical ‘sleight of mind’

Just to re-set the Geiger counter. If you get a positive PCR test, if the Ct (amplification) setting is below 28 and you have some symptoms (otherwise, forget it), you still have well over a 99% (unless otherwise extremely ill or at the tail-end of mortality in terms of age) chance of recovering from the infection whether it be Alpha, Beta, Delta, whatever. As per US CDC numbers, you only dip below a 99% survival rate above 70 (then you hover near 95%).

Previous pandemics were both more lethal, and they also targeted the young, therefore their impact was truly shattering. And yet the world coped, moved on while recovering and treating and safeguarding a planet for the young. The current hysteria is the result of the most shameful wholescale statistical fraud, corruption and deceit. 

And here therefore I provide a statistical ‘early warning system’ as to how this extremely ‘mild’ new scariant, could be repackaged as a terrifying way to keep blowing up our lives, economies and human values.

Recall Delta, it was shown, on actual Government statistics from the UK, as being ‘more infectious’ and ‘far less lethal’ than the original Wuhan strain. Compared to Alpha with a case fatality rate of 1.9%, Delta was showing 0.1%. Quite a difference. However, as the ‘vaccines’ were pegged to earlier strains, Delta increasingly evaded them, and became dominant. According to the CDC, in recent months 99.9% of samples in recent months have been Delta, which explains the waning ‘vaccine’ efficacy and the number of reinfections.

Currently with ‘Omicron,’ doctors are baffled at the global meltdown, as on auto-pilot, panic ladling press outlets and sovereignty annulling world governments (this being the new governance fad it seems) are treating this ‘mild mannered’ variant as if it were the Black Plague.

Now, if this too evades the ‘vaccines’ (likely) and replaces Delta in the surveillance test, then every ‘COVID-related’ death will be an Omicron headline, every hospitalisation another life leeching mandate in embryo, more tyranny for ‘health’. Even a mild Omicron will then find its way into a nursing home, wreak relative havoc, and there will be a global eruption of hand wringing as if destroyed economies, meltdown of education, a real epidemic of world hunger, tragic suspension of other medical care, are all incidental to the COVID ‘Carnivale’.

Once more, direct from the lips of South African Dr. Angelique Coetzee, helming the South African Medical Association, referring to patients she’s seen, “None were admitted, and no oxygen was needed. The hype makes no sense at all.” 

Did it ever? We have viral treatments that if offered early have an almost 100% success rate across the variants. For the minority who relapse or hit oxygen issues, as I’ve reported and affirmed, the extraordinary ‘8th Day Protocol’ of Dr. Shankara Chetty, with now over 7,500 patients treated, with none needing oxygen, none being admitted to ICU, none dying. Our immunity to learning of these and applying them, to validate them locally and customise our own version, is not medicine. Perhaps its politics, I’m unsure.  And to anyone who says “evidence is not conclusive”, that is ridiculous on several grounds.

First, none of the COVID ‘approved’ treatments like Remdesivir have that type of evidence, and they have been backfiring and are misapplied at the wrong phase of the illness. There are no ‘randomised’ trials showing the efficacy of lockdowns, or mask wearing (on the contrary!), but we mulishly apply these. You cannot assert one standard when it suits you, and another when you want to deter people from cheap, highly effective, overwhelmingly safe alternatives to gene therapies whose safety protocols aren’t even complete and have not one iota of the test data being demanded of medicines that have been around for multiple decades with no safety issues.

As Dr. Chetty highlights, there is no safety issue (shown even on the WHO database, with HCQ or Ivermectin or Doxy or Vitamin D. You can debate efficacy perhaps, but that should then be up to doctor discretion and judgment. Only when there is a safety concern, should there be intervention. Otherwise, in pandemics, off-label drugs are always used, about 15-20% of US prescriptions fall into this camp.

Let’s see through the endless excuses as we manically fail to stop a viral spread (we cannot, it has to become endemic), and save ourselves from further hundreds of billions of junk pharma products. We need leadership. We should look to our government. We also need to look in the mirror.

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