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The mass PCR testing freak-out was really pointless, and in fact, new viruses actually strengthen our response. Seeking to smother the virus is also, for that reason, not an ideal response. Allowing it to fade naturally into the immunological background through the immune systems of the healthy is the only desirable public health goal in this context, hence the appeal of focused protection – Pic by Shehan Gunasekara


This is the harvest of medical wisdom gained from interactions with some of the world’s leading researchers and clinicians.

Lanka here on the crossroads between recurring paralysis and breaking free of the tripe we’ve been fed, urgently needs these distinctions.

Globally, the one-two punch of “lockdowns needing vaccines as rescue” was a marketing ploy designed to remove our human paradigm antivirus defences and become captive to a distorting set of assertions, built on a disempowering dead-end narrative. 

This is likely the initial intent, and authoritarian leaning opportunists have plied these dynamics for other ends. As Julius Ruechel writes, “This is a global, social, engineering shell game, a subscription-based business model adapted for the pharmaceutical industry.” Immunity would no longer be a biological asset or gift, but a service that had to be rendered. 

We knew C-19 couldn’t be eradicated unlike smallpox (a uniquely human virus with no animal reservoirs). Most respiratory viruses come through animal reservoirs, swine, birds, bats, etc. Therefore, they cannot be eradicated. They can only be tamed through individual immunity. 

Current COVID has already made it, as per antibody testimony, to wild deer, been documented in wild mink and apparently otters, leopards, gorillas and more. So, unlike “specialists” like smallpox, “generalists” like respiratory viruses never run out of hosts to keep the infection cycle going. Before COVID there were 200 other endemic respiratory viruses that caused colds and flus and which circulate freely between human and animals, now there are 201. 

Its predecessor, SARS was never very contagious, made people extremely sick and did not have pre-symptomatic spread, and was therefore very containable. As we already knew by Jan/Feb from China, Italy and the Diamond Princess cruise ship – a floating case study that we scrupulously ignored because it did not fit the narrative of the “con” – COVID was quite contagious, giving most people mild to no symptoms (making containment impossible) and was spreading by aerosols from both pre-symptomatic and just post symptomatic people, hence contact tracing could not be a solution.


Variant lies

Viruses survive by creating copies of themselves, so variants are normal and hence long-lasting immunity to starve them completely out of existence is impossible. Hence with flu season our immune system constantly needs to be updated. 

Therefore, from Day 1 we knew, COVID vaccination at best would lead to a life-long regimen of booster shots for those unwilling to risk natural infection (and those shots would be racing to keep pace with the pipeline of mutations). 

Complex viruses like measles have a complicated cellular attack strategy, in terms of producing imperfect copies aiming for successful mutation. While influenza locks onto the sugars on the outside of the cell wall and piggybacks as sugar is absorbed into the cell (their energy source), measles relies on specialised surface proteins to open a doorway into the host cell. 

This is rigid and complex and does not leave much room for error in the copying process. Most mutations are unable to gain access to host cells to make more copies and so become evolutionary dead ends which allow both natural infection and vaccination re measles to create lifetime immunity. 

Coronaviruses have proteins on the virus surface which latch onto a receptor on the cell surface, a kind of key for unlocking. They are much simpler and much less specialised than measles and more complicated than influenza, though not enough to inhibit a continuing conveyor belt of variants that make full throttled immunity impossible. 

So, the pharmaceutical “frenzy” to deal with variants as if they are a surprise is an utter charade, like being “shocked” that dusk follows the day. 

Dosing confusion

Though these vaccines do not provide sterilising immunity and never intended to, by their own self-description, if in some fanciful alternate universe, 8 billion people were somehow all vaccinated, by the time the final batches were being jabbed, mutations would have already rendered the vaccine increasingly ineffective! 

The logistics alone mean that no public health authority could plausibly ever have even believed this was possible. And with self-infatuated elites hoarding the vaccines and dashing to get re-jabbed with the equivalent of last year’s flu shot, WHO is forced to hyperventilate at these appalling optics which undermine even the pretence of credibility. 


So, the current vaccines are a tool designed to teach the immune system to attack the S-spike protein to reduce the severity of infection. They were never capable of preventing infection or preventing spread. So, our saviour was to be a mechanism which at best would reduce your chance of being hospitalised or dying if you were above 65 with several chronic illnesses, even though you still had close to a 95% chance of recovery, and affordable therapeutic early treatments could improve that further. If so, that means the vaccine passport impetus to separate the vaccinated from the unvaccinated was clearly a “con” as well. 

Grossly oversimplifying, there are layers of defences based on the gravity of the challenge. We have layers of antibodies, highly specialised white blood cells like B cells and T cells. There are memory B cells which remember previous threats and create new antibodies long after the original antibodies fade away. There are also various types of T cells with varying degrees of immunological memory. 

So, very simply, a mild infection doesn’t trigger as many layers of response, whereas a severe one mobilises deeper adaptive layers which are capable of retaining a memory of the threat to be able to mount a quicker attack if recognised in the future. So, if someone were still alive, originally affected by the Spanish Flu of 1918, they may well still have T-cell immunity (why would we steal such an asset from our children?) whereas a mild bout of winter flu a few years ago may have triggered nothing even though both may be caused by the same version of the H1N1 virus. 

Another con every public health official and vaccine maker knows that vaccine immunity will often fade much faster because the vaccine is often only able to trigger a partial immune response compared to the actual infection. And so, the C-19 vaccines which recreate the S-protein spike instead of the whole virus, could never have been expected to be an exception to the rule. 

Everyone knew this and has been outright lying. Moreover, all our experience with coronavirus immunity in both humans and animals, demonstrated only a temporary short-term protection. And there was no reason to expect, despite hollow pretence, for these rushed through “panaceas” to be any different. 

WHO and public health officials could therefore only have been rolling out lockdowns with vaccines as an exit strategy, to whip the public into an irrational fear such that they would swarm for mass vaccination. On known facts, focusing on the most vulnerable is all that could have been sanely called for. 

So, the surprise and dismay being broadcast by so-called experts is a sham and a complete put on as medically, this was 100% to be expected. 

Virus mutations under lockdown conditions

There is a natural evolution of RNA respiratory viruses toward less dangerous variants. Allied with that is cross reactive immunity that comes from frequent re-exposure to their cousins. 

For a virus, a lively host is more useful than the bedridden or besieged, because they can spread it further and still be around and catch future mutations. Plagues killed and then were starved out of existence because all survivors had herd immunity by then. Hence, the Delta variant being more contagious and yet mortality wise more mild is precisely both what we would expect and hope for. 

This is why locking down the healthy is so sinister. All these tactics reduce spread among the healthy so that mutations among the healthy are outnumbered by mutations among the bedridden. Someone in bed with a fever cannot infect others as readily as a healthier mobile host with a variety that only gives them a sniffle. So, normally more dangerous variants become outnumbered as long as the majority of the infections are among the healthy.

But via lockdowns we inflicted evolutionary conditions that potentially shifted the competitive evolutionary advantage to more dangerous variants. Evolution doesn’t twiddle its thumbs while we race around after pseudo vaccines. 

If you look at the Spanish Flu, its first wave was not particularly deadly. The second wave was catastrophic particularly to young people. The second wave occurred when three quarters of the entire French military and half of British troops had been infected. So, on the one hand, this enabled variants adapted to young people. 

And then, the cramped conditions of warfare and field hospitals allowed dangerous variants to spread freely with little competition. And disaster struck! When the war ended, the lockdown mimicking conditions also ended shifting the competitive advantage back to less dangerous mutations that could spread freely among mobile, healthy people. And lethality began to peter out.

So, was the lockdown strategy used intentionally so as to keep the virus from fading into endemic irrelevancy before vaccines could be produced? On the one hand we think you’d have to be utterly incompetent or outright inhuman to impose virus amplifying conditions only. That said, since lockdowns have not been used on the healthy ever in history, you have to wonder how we got here 18 months later from two weeks to flatten that damnably “elastic” curve.

Leaky vaccines and more

When you have vaccines designed to reduce the risk of severe outcomes, the vaccinated can still catch and spread the disease. Data makes it clear this is happening around the world. 

This is potentially very dangerous because without stopping infection among the vaccinated but temporarily blunting the risk of hospitalisation and death, a variant that could still be dangerous to the unvaccinated can spread very easily among the vaccinated without making them very sick. So, they continue to spread it easily to the unvaccinated giving it a competitive advantage even if highly dangerous. And once the short-term protection fades, the vaccinated become equally at risk of more severe outcomes. 

So, the relatively mild virus becomes very dangerous and also contagious as soon as temporary immunity wears off. Hence, booster dependency every six months forever. In a normal situation the bulk of the population would keep less dangerous variants circulating as more get vaccinated, again, with about 40% efficacy as we are learning. Then the possibility of evolution pushing a virus to become extremely deadly to those whose vaccination protection has worn off gets minimised too. 

There’s another danger from leaky vaccines called Antibody Dependent Enhancement or ADE. This is when poorly designed vaccines train antibodies to recognise a virus as an intruder without being able to neutralise it. Instead of the virus being neutralised inside the antibody, the virus takes over the antibody cell and uses it as a host to start making copies of itself from. Therefore, the attacking antibody opens the door to the cell, accelerating rather than stopping the infection. 

So, once new variants arrive, previous vaccine immune training becomes a liability, you then have to get an updated booster shot and become permanently drug dependent, and with every booster you get to play Russian roulette all over again with side effects: death, autoimmune diseases, reactivation of dormant viruses, neurological damage, blood clotting and more. 

The US VAERS system, which notoriously under reports, capturing usually only 1 to 20% of actual vaccine related adverse effects, as of August 20th reported 13,627 deaths, 55,821 hospitalisations, 5,721 anaphylactic, and 4,785 instances of Bell’s Palsy…and counting. 

Leaky vaccines are therefore playing with fire. Again, this was well known by all authorities from the outset. Yet as part of the kabuki, if something goes wrong, they blame the variants, and the media, bloated with billions of vaccine advertising dollars floating around will never challenge them. 

Though it is technically against the law in the US to advertise for vaccines (or any medicines) which have not gone through the full extent of their safety trials, this is blithely ignored by our political masters, leaving us in dismayed awe at their inhumane indifference. 

Cross-reactive immunity

As we’ve said, each subsequent exposure teaches our immune system, serves as an antivirus security update. We have enough wherewithal to respond and react to the next iteration. This is called “cross-reactive immunity”. So, a broad smorgasbord of global viruses keeps our immunity robust enough whether a new variant sashays in from Milan or flies out of a bat cave in China. 

The true meaning of asymptomatic infection, before we started tormenting the healthy with largely useless PCR tests, was that we would encounter one of the more than 200 respiratory viruses without even noticing the infection. Our immune systems would be able to neutralise them without triggering any symptomatic response. 

So, the mass PCR testing freak-out was really pointless, and in fact, new viruses actually strengthen our response. Seeking to smother the virus is also, for that reason, not an ideal response. Allowing it to fade naturally into the immunological background through the immune systems of the healthy is the only desirable public health goal in this context, hence the appeal of focused protection. 

If we had not had cross reactive immunity, C-19 could actually have been as dangerous to us as the Spanish Flu. According to a study in the American Society for Clinical Investigation in April 2021, 90 to 91% of us had some level of COVID protection due to partial cross-reactive immunity from exposure to other Coronaviruses!

What might have been, the Diamond Princess cruise ship revelation

The word ‘novel’ insofar as it relates to viruses would literally mean no pre-existing cross reactive partial immunity. So, the diseases that accompanied Columbus to the Americas killed up to 95% of North and South America’s indigenous population. That is what real ‘novelty’ does. 

Today when “novel” was affixed to COVID, contextually scientists knew that referred to a newly-emergent strain. The general public by contrast was invited to jump to the conclusion that this was an entirely new virus as when TB or influenza went to the Americas. Scientists stayed unforgivably mum and brandished novelty in a slapdash fashion. 

This corrosive bit of wordsmanship, augmented by propaganda, innuendo, terrifying visual icons, produced a wave of fear so strong that people were irrationally lusting for a leaky jab to make them “safe” and were willing to coerce friends, neighbours and family members to similar extremes. Countries like Canada, to our chagrin, have actually made acting on such incoherent misunderstanding mandatory. 

Back when we were being terrified by the collapsing Wuhanese on our TV screens, the Diamond Princess cruise ship sailed into view offering sanity and far greater serenity, had we only partaken of its lessons. The virus circulated freely on board what was essentially, inadvertently, a floating petri dish, and produced age corrected lethality of merely 0.025% to 0.625% (that’s a bad flu season). The Spanish Flu ranged between 2% and 10%. Only 26% of the passengers tested positive and despite being elderly 48% of those remained symptom free. 

So, the Diamond Princess was not a floating morgue from bygone eras as it would’ve been if any of our assumptions and the Chinese graphics had been at all accurate. The only plausible explanation for that lack of deadliness is most people already having sufficient cross-reactive immunity from other coronaviruses. 

This data was publicly available by February 2020. How, in the face of that, we launched “operation warp speed” to develop vaccines at the end of April 2020 beggars the imagination. So, our health authorities knowingly, opportunistically and cynically imposed lockdowns, lobbied to suspend life until we had a vaccines, though it was clear from this and other examples that were soon evident, no apocalypse was forthcoming, and we primarily needed to avail of early treatment and to shield the vulnerable. 

“We know they are lying, 

they know they are lying,

they know we know they are lying,

we know they know we know they are lying,

but they are still lying.”

– Attributed to Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

Vitamin D and more

Viruses and the flow of mutations from them can infiltrate our immune systems best when they are temporarily suppressed through illness, environmental conditions and nutritional deficiencies. Moms telling kids to stay warm and not play in puddles were not about avoiding infection, but symptomatic infection. So, getting chilled increases the chance of symptomatic disease rather than a flitting asymptomatic infection, by temporarily suppressing our immune system. 

Over and over those who have had COVID adverse effects seem to suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. And so, getting exercise, topping up on vitamin C and D and Zinc which are wonderful shields in dealing with RNA viruses, not being unduly anxious, enjoying intimacy and celebration with loved ones, all keep your immune system strong. Staff in nursing homes will tell you that as many of these are withdrawn, the knock of the Grim Reaper becomes ever more persistent. Instead of promoting these tonics for your immune system, any reference or deference to these were immediately called “fake news”. 

Just a quick thought experiment: Cowering inside thinking death or vaccine are your only options or rejoicing in how mild a threat this likely is and how you can increase your odds through living, loving, exuberantly engaging life, availing of plentiful, inexpensive early treatments…which of the two do you think will help you mount the more successful immune response? 

And then remember how all of life became secondary to this, only this “harm” mattered! 

Social immunity

And then in our follow up article…we’ll look at “Immunity Inc.” and how we might mount our own cross-reactive immunity to this oppressive, protracted assault on life, liberty, enterprise and humanity. There “is” a way out of locking down our sanity if we exercise the leadership to claim it…

On the precipice, economically and socially, in Lanka we have to reinvigorate our cultural largesse, and make this claim.

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